May 21, 2015

A messy summary to be pulled apart in the future.

So, for the better part of the last week Captain and I were in Branson. We made the most of having to hear a time share opportunity pitch, and had a really good time. I took two books but never opened them. I took my computer, but touched it only a little. I did a lot of thinking and considering and connecting.

Stacey's Daze:path with no obstacles

May 17, 2015

Protection and Love

There are days I consider who I was in the past and what I did or didn't do. But sometimes I wonder, who would I be if I had been stronger, believed in myself like I pretended, and didn't try to be loved or make people happy. How would those situations have turned out if I could have stoop up for myself? What would have happened if I had believed I was worth... loving.

You see, self-defense isn't just the physical act of defending yourself. The heart of defense, as an email from a friend I have yet to reply to reminded me, is the knowledge that you are worthy of being defended. That you are worthy of loving.

loving yourself

May 15, 2015

Violence is sometimes necessary.

Sometimes what I come up against in regards to self-defense and Christians is the mentality they don't think they should use violence for protection. It pains me when this comes up, because I do understand that line of thinking. I see where it comes from, and I have had to figure out how to deal with it for myself.

You should defend yourself