August 23, 2015

Things are a movin'....

It happened like this, I went to turn on my computer a few weeks ago and it simply wouldn't agree to do so. I tried to restart it by holding the power button down. Nothing changed. I left it for hours unplugged so the battery would completely die, and yet the screen showed me nothing when I plugged it back in. Finally I was able to get it to agree for a short term visitation where I scrambled to save pictures from 2015 and a few documents which would have been a pain to replace. And then, my old computer and I, we said goodbye to one another for a final time. This makes you think about clean slates and starting over.

 photo clean slate.jpg

August 10, 2015

As I see it...

I'm so grateful for Nicole's #musemonday because apparently it's what's keeping me writing right now. Today she shares about why it's so important to write what you write because no one is going to see the world quite like you do. Really, go read it because that sentence there did not do it justice. For me, the graphic struck me a little differently.

August 3, 2015

Story affects us

Nicole Baart is an author whose work I adore. I would say I adore her, but I don't know her outside her words in books and on facebook. But she is starting a new series at her blog on Mondays called #musemondays and I have decided to join in. Maybe it's because this Monday finds me missing words. Maybe it's because her topic for this Monday hits me where I am.

July 31, 2015

These slay me. Want to know the truth?

There are a few things when said by others which make me cringe. I understand that we have different beliefs, and I get that we wont always agree on things. But that's not the case with everything, and these three sayings make me want to scream at the top of my voice. These three things... gah. They slay me.

these are not true

But then I ask myself, does it even matter?