June 27, 2014

Morning Poncho Wrap

After I closed my etsy store I wrestled with if I should have. I had made a decision NOT to make any big decisions until 2015, and closing the etsy store was a pretty big decision. I closed it because I was overwhelmed with it, and sad that everything I had made was simply in storage. I don't know if those are good enough reasons, and I don't think I should have given myself more time, but I am where I am now. What thrilled me was the ability to donate my inventory to two great girls. The Bundle Up Club is gathering and creating hats, scarves, and blankets for the homeless this summer. I was able to meet the two wonderful girls behind the idea, their amazing mother, and help out a little. It made me happy to know that I had indeed made those items for someone in particular. I just needed the middle man to get them where they belonged. :)

But closing my store did not mean I put the hook away for good. I definitely took a break, but then inspiration hit, and I picked it back up.

This is the item which inspired my Morning Poncho Wrap, but I knew I wouldn't want something quite so long. I love the end result because it will keep me warm on cooler mornings and evenings as summer turns into fall. It's long enough to wrap around myself a little, but not so long that I am tripping over it or sitting on it.

5 3
2 1

I was asked by a friend to share the pattern, and since I didn't write anything down as I went this is what I believe I did by counting, measuring, looking, and remembering. :)

I used a G hook, and I believe Lion Brand Pound of Love Yarn but didn't use the entire skein.

{There have been edits made to the measurements. I apologize if this has caused you problems trying to make this poncho! Hopefully the new ones will help.}

I began making a chain 25 inches long. For me that was 53 stitch chain.
In the 5th stitch from the hook place one tr, *chain one, skip a stitch, and place a tr in the next stitch* across until you place a tr in the last stitch.
Chain 4, turn, *skip the chain, chain one, place a tr in the tr* across until you place a tr in the 3rd stitch in the turning chain.
Continue the rows in this manner until length desired. I went until my piece was 81 rows or about 68 inches long.
Fold the long rectangle you just made in half, and begin seaming from the two ends towards the fold for 20 rows. This can be done however you want, but see this picture for how I did it. I placed a sc in the top of the row, chained 4, placed a sc in the top of the row on the other side, and continued in this fashion. This will leave a large opening for the head.


(To help with understanding the seaming, I hope!)
Here is another picture. I have highlighted where I did the seam. I folded the poncho in half, and then seamed from the two edges on one side up about 20 rows. .

Around the head opening do the following:
place two sc in each turning chain and tr along the edge, join, turn
ch 3, place one dc in each sc across, join, turn
ch 3, place one dc in each dc across, finish off.

Along the edge of the wrap follow the same pattern that you did around the head opening. I did not edge along the backside.

Weave in all ends.

Please let me know if you don't understand something or if I didn't explain something well enough. Thanks!