July 31, 2015

These slay me. Want to know the truth?

There are a few things when said by others which make me cringe. I understand that we have different beliefs, and I get that we wont always agree on things. But that's not the case with everything, and these three sayings make me want to scream at the top of my voice. These three things... gah. They slay me.

these are not true

But then I ask myself, does it even matter?

July 27, 2015

That scattered feeling

I'm scattered this morning. 

My brain isn't focusing; my thoughts go from one thing to the next. 
My emotions are all over the place, having looked over at shame in the past few days.
My body has ached, muscles are tight, and my activity has come to a stop.
My spirit calls out to God but silence is all I seem to get in return.

feeling scattered

There are times like these for all of us and it seems for me such a time is right now. 

July 20, 2015

It's time to speak up.

I went to a martial arts/self-defense conference last week. On Thursday five servicemen were slaughtered at a Recruiters station. Gunned down with no way to defend themselves. It broke my heart and filled my own stati on Facebook. But it didn't fill my news feed. Why not? Five men. Innocently gunned down. They already sacrificed so much by committing to the military, and hardly a word was said about their deaths at the hand of a terrorist. At least, not in comparison to so many other deaths recently.

speak up

I don't get it, friends. Those of you who recently marched in the streets, wrote blog posts, and shared your opinions. What are you doing now? Why does it seem you are doing nothing?

July 13, 2015

It's time to start... now.

I sat at the desk staring out the window. My heart started beating faster and I questioned myself. Fiercely. No critic has anything on me. Who was I to be going there? Who did I think I was? I felt panicky and fearful. It was as if I were to be caught in some master deception. I felt like a total fraud. A big old fake. 

And then I took a breath.

start where you are

July 10, 2015

You are awesome!

You've said it to a friend. I have. They do something we are really impressed with and we tell them they are awesome. And they are. But I started thinking about it recently. When I tested for my last belt test I had two people on Instagram tell me I was awesome. Those two people are awesome. No, they are. The things they do amaze me regularly. And that's when I realized: I'm pretty sure we are all awesome.

you are awesome

July 6, 2015

Do you have space to be who you are?

There's a type of person you can always find in a group. They'll be in the center. They think their choices are the best. I watch as many follow along behind because, friend, they are contagious. They are charismatic. They are able to make you feel approved of, loved, accepted, included....or not.

being you matters

July 5, 2015

Remembering my mission.

I could walk away from this blog and still get page views every day. My Molly Poncho is a definite draw, but so are several other crochet patterns I have up. If I were about numbers I would definitely focus more on crochet, because free patterns always bring the numbers in. But that's not what my heart is about, and a book I read last week helped remind me of that. 

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