January 30, 2015

January was full.

Emily at Chatting at the Sky invites you to share what you learned last week:

January 2015

1. We are God's beloved, and not believing this truth keeps us from not believing other truths.

2. I don't have to choose offense. Nine times out of ten what others do have NOTHING to do with me. I don't want to have to think about everyone around me when I make a decision, so why should I put that on others?

3. Some projects work out beautifully with errors and some fall apart as they are going together.

4. I can't fix everything or protect everyone. I can't fix anyone or protect anyone. Those statements are slightly different in words, but hugely difference in thought. In a really amazing way. Accepting these things frees me up to love better.

5. From sharing my Instagram #takingtimeforlittlethings I am realizing that my little things feel huge when I go to share them.

6. I can trust myself, God in me, and my intuition. It requires moving very slowly, however, so that I don't jump ahead of Him and what He is trying to tell/teach/show me. It also requires me to realize I'm wrong sometimes, when I connect dots which aren't meant to be connected.

7. Two ginormous bags of ice in the top of the freezer really helps with the frost from forming too quickly. I actually have four bags in there, but need to get rid of two of them as food moves in.

8. Stocking up on Pumpkin Creamer has made next month's coffee pumpkin-y when the stores are no longer selling said Pumpkin Creamer. That IS a little thing but {oh} I'm so glad I did it. :)

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January 27, 2015

Plans awry


Isn't this making a lovely baby blanket? I'll need to frog the top and bottom rows and continue with the squares, but it seems like such a sweet blanket.

The problem?

This was meant to be a vest. I was working from the main part of the vest in both directions. The top was going to be the same square but only in the linen, which you can see I had started, but somewhere along the way the yarn simply refused to go along with my vision. And I don't want to wear a vest which looks like a blanket.

I still want to make a vest! And maybe it was the choice of yarn. Or the squares? But this will not be my vest. A long one, if you were wondering.

But it might make a very pretty blanket.

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January 26, 2015

And there was that moment...

Recently I have been made aware that what I thought was... wasn't. Maybe it was my own fault. Maybe I assumed the silence meant approval. Maybe I shouldn't have needed the approval anyway. But suddenly you realize the approval you thought you had all along was not really there.

Now, here's the craziness factor. One thing I thought I had approval about is no longer a player in the game. The other thing I thought I had approval about I knew deep down I didn't.

But somehow when you see the disapproval taken out on someone else, a little part of you takes it personally as well. Because their choices were/are your choices, and you see the negativity towards both.

Personally, I apologized to the one who had been the receiver of the disapproval, and thankfully for them the approval/disapproval in this instance is not an issue.

But then I had to decide. Would it be an issue for me?

offense is my choice

My mind has had all sorts of imagined conversations. I have heard all sorts of "truths" about how these people feel (made up in my head, mind you). I took offense and only shared it only with others who felt the same way I did.

The truth is I will never ever confront this situation, or those people, but I will let things lie dormant because I can't force their approval. I can't make them change their mind or think differently. I. so. can't.

But thankfully in the interim between taking offense and now, I have realized I do have a choice in this matter. I can be mad, upset, and frustrated that the approval I thought I had wasn't really there. I can be discouraged and try to work harder to receive this approval. Or, and that is a big "or" friends, I can release the offense. I can appreciate we are all different and wont see things the same. I can laugh that some are stuck in their own shoes, and try not to be a person who is. I can breathe, and keep working towards my own goals, grateful for those which have been achieved, and so full of gratitude towards those who really do support me and believe in what I do.

It's our choice, right?  I can either accept what they can give or be offended it's not what I wanted.

Ps. I do not pretend this to be an easy process. I will have to face this choice over and over again until I have fully released the hurt and anger over the situation. Until I have forgiven. Until I once again accept them for who they are.

I see it, I do.

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January 23, 2015

This Sunday...

“’It is because of God’s grace that we have the strength, courage and motivation to work among these people, to share with them, to hug them, to love them and to care for them,’” Pastor Jiva  

Matthew 10
5 These twelve Jesus sent out with the following instructions: “Do not go among the Gentiles or enter any town of the Samaritans. 6 Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel. 7 As you go, proclaim this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven has come near.’ 8 Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give."

Jesus still sends people out to cleanse those who have leprosy. Did you know?

Kishori is one of many who has lived with leprosy. She struggled to get to the hospital for cleansing and treatment, until one day missionaries through Gospel for Asia showed up at her door to clean her wounds. And they showed up the next day, and the next, and continued doing so. Each time they showed up at her door they would come to cleanse her wounds and tell her and her family about Jesus. Kishori is now healed from leprosy but still receives help from Gospel of Asia. The missionaries also help others on a daily basis who are stricken with leprosy.

Sunday is World Leprosy Day. I know how we can all get sidetracked and distracted on the weekends, so I wanted to let you all know about it now. Not everyone is called to go into the fields to help those with leprosy, but we can still help those who are sent.

Click here to read all of Kishori's story.
Click here to know best how to pray for those who are sent, and those with leprosy.
Click here to learn more about Gospel for Asia's Leprosy Ministry.

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January 19, 2015

Cabled and Cinched Head warmer

My daughter in law and I sent Pinterest pictures back and forth working out exactly what she wanted, and the result was this Cabled and Cinched Head warmer.

Cabled and Cinched Head warmer 2

I used Wool-ease Thick and Quick so it's really lovely and warm, but the pattern could be easily adjusted to work with any yarn. The finished product was 5.5 inches wide and 20 inches long. Again, work it longer if needed, and use a smaller hook for a thinner head warmer. You can even leave off the cinching if you wish, placing the seam in the back. It's all good. Now, to the pattern:

Cabled and Cinched Head warmer 3

Cabled and Cinched Head warmer

Notes: ignore the turning chains completely;
          fpdc: front post doublr crochet; bpdc: back post double crochet; hdc: half double crochet;
          leave a long tail when you create the chain, this will be used to seam the two ends;

Hook: K (6.5)

Row 1: chain 14
Row 2: in second stitch from hook dc and continue across, chain 2 (12 dc)
Row 3: fpdc, fpdc, hdc, hdc, fpdc, fpdc, fpdc, fpdc, hdc, hdc, fpdc, fpdc, chain 2
Row 4: bpdc, bpdc, hdc, hdc, (skip 2 stitches) bpdc, bpdc, (go back to the 2 skipped stitches) bpdc, bpdc, hdc, hdc, bpdc, bpdc, chain 2
Row 5: repeat Row 3
Row 6: bpdc, bpdc, hdc, hdc, bpdc, bpdc, bpdc, bpdc, hdc, hdc, bpdc, bpdc, chain 2
Repeat Rows 3-6 7 times
Fasten off, leave a tail.

With the long tail from the chain seam the two short ends together to form a circle.
With the tail from the last row cinch the head warmer. I did this by pulling the yarn up after the first two rows of cables, down before the cable braid, up after the cable braid, down before the last two rows of cable, and back up on the edge of the warmer, tighten so it cinches together, and then knot.

At this point wrap the yarn around the cinched spot to your desired thickness.

Cabled and Cinched Head Warmer 1

This is my first time writing a cabled pattern, so please let me know if this doesn't make sense. Thank you so much.

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January 14, 2015

That freezer.

Every time I open my freezer the ice buildup mocks me. It laughs in my face, and I scowl as I pull out the desired dish and close the door. Why is it such a helpful tool can cause such grief? However, I am going to win this one.

In about twoish days I will be opening that door to some lovely 60 degree weather. Oh, the remaining food will find a new home in the much smaller freezer compartment inside, but the ice will have no choice but to melt. Go away.

I should really google to see if there is a way to keep ice build up from happening.

Okay, that didn't take long. Some things I knew to do (let items not even be slightly warm when putting them in the freezer) other things I can't do (unless one of the boys wouldn't mind the freezer in their room... nah).

But once the ice is no longer mocking me, it will be my job to fill it once again, and apparently with quite a bit of food to help keep that ice from returning.

While I think I will do similar as I did last time to fill it, I also think I will do a few things differently. My plan?

1 - continue to cook about 2 meals a week from which I will use 2-3 casserole dishes. This will provide us with a meal that night, and one or two for the freezer.

2 - prep some freezer meals for the slow cooker. No cooking required, can freeze them in ziplock bags, and will be easy to pull out the night before to thaw. I need to look into a small crock-pot to serve just 2-3.

3 - make some meals exclusively for others, and find people to bless them with. Yeah, I like that idea.

4 - Slowly fill the freezer up as I did last time, eat out of it for 3-4 months, and then defrost again.

I guess I'll be sitting down with my recipes, Pinterest, and some paper to figure out my plan exactly. And I'm thinking a Sam's trip is in my near future as well.

To tell the truth, the fact that we have eaten almost exclusively out of the freezer for the past twoish months has been nice. I like the ease for planning the weekly meals, and the ease of making whatever it is that day. And plenty of the meals allowed me to be creative as well, so I really never felt like I was missing the kitchen. After all, I can ALWAYS go buy something fresh to make if I just can't help myself.

The ice may mock, but it will take very little to get it under control and keep the peace of the dinner schedule.

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January 12, 2015

Sunday Breakfast Bake

Yesterday our church had a chuch wide small group breakfast high attendance Sunday. What? You don't do that at your church? You must not be Baptist. ;) Anyway, I had attempted a new recipe when youngest was home last, and decided to make it again but on a larger scale. Thus, I introduce you to the Sunday Breakfast Bake.

Sunday Breakfast Bake

Sunday Breakfast Bake

.75 bag of frozen tater-tots
10 eggs
one package ready to eat bacon
2 cups cheddar cheese
salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder (all to taste)

Preheat oven to 425
Spray casserole dish and lay tater-tots in the bottom, place dish in the oven and cook for 15 minutes.
While dish is in the oven mix eggs, bacon (cut into small pieces), 1 cup cheese, salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder.
Take dish out of oven. Using a fork flatten all the tater-tots so that they lose their shape and form a crust in the bottom of the dish. Pour the egg mixture over the tater-tots, place the rest of the cheese on top of the mixture, and put in the oven for 25 minutes.

  20150111_081750  20150111_082139 
Half the dish of tater-tots are flattened in the first picture.
The second picture has the egg mixture poured on top.

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January 8, 2015

Seeing strength differently.

"Doesn't that mean they are just weak?" The words were said in a whisper so only those at the table could hear, but they pierced my heart like an arrow sent with power and force. I can't really blame the speaker. It was my own reaction which changed my demeanor and caused me to become so defensive.

How do we fall to the temptation of thinking we have to be strong?

I don't know how the words were meant, but I know what I heard. I heard derision, and judgement, and I felt frustration and shame. I looked at the speaker and whispered a solid no.

But I was wrong.

God strengthens the weak

January 5, 2015

It's Monday

The first Monday of 2015. And routines and schedules are kicking into gear.

goalsI am on my second book of the year. Goal? 52. Using this plan.
I hope to read the Bible by the end of the year. Using this plan.
I started a 52 week study on the names of God. This one.
I began a daily devotional for the year. This one.
I found and altered a warm up to do at class, because sometimes my brain goes blank after jumping jacks.
I have my bullet journal begun for this year, with a little alteration.
I will continue to go to bootcamp three times a week.
I plan on practicing TKD everyday as well.
I have finished one crochet project and am beginning two requests today. This and This (or one similar to the second one.)

My coffee is almost gone, the sheets are almost dried, and the day began a few hours ago.

It's the first Monday of 2015, and I have great plans and goals for this year, but mostly to continue deeper where I am and release what is not needed. Those are a little more difficult to plan, yes?

I'll be interested to see what I finish, what I complete, what I let drop, and what I forget by the end of this year. But if we are to go, let us start confidently.

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January 1, 2015

2014 was yesterday

I probably should have switched these two posts, but it is what it is and so today I want to share some little things I learned during the month of December. Remember, when you change your course  just be one single degree it results in a large change in the end.

December 2014

1. Some days things may seem really easy, but the next it can feel difficult and hard. That's part of learning. I am really enjoying writing crochet patterns, but some days I end up frogging everything I have done. The day isn't wasted if I have learned something from it.

2. Just because an idea is good doesn't mean it's what you want to stick with. You want to use the best idea for you. I really enjoyed going through 1 John one chapter one week at a time. I think it's a good plan, but at the start of 2015 I find myself switching gears and that's okay.

3. You can admire what others do and be okay with not being able to do it. I loved the Bible Journaling and some of those pages are gorgeous and so inspiring, but truth be told I can not do it. I'm simply not an artist in that vein, but I'm okay with that fact. I did get all my supplies organized and that's nice.

4. Sometimes you end up doing things you never thought you would do, and that's really cool. You also may find those things feel selfish in the doing, that can be okay as well. I tested and passed for second degree Brown Belt in Taekwondo.  It's crazy amazing to me that I have made it this far and can see the Black Belt test over the horizon. It feels selfish to move towards but I'm pushing through that to do so anyway.

5. Sometimes you don't get what you want, but that doesn't mean you can't make the best of what you have. It's not always easy on either count, but finding a balance helps allow contentment to settle in your heart.

Emily did lessons of 2014 and invited others to do the same. I'm good to get just one month down, but go check them out.

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