October 13, 2014

As I contemplate returning

What if we stopped trying to do things so ginormous? I have to admit, there is part of my heart which thinks if it's not done big it isn't done right. That if the multitudes aren't touched then it doesn't matter. I see those who can reach out to the many held up to become a standard whether they want it or not. And those of us who are working small sometimes feel not seen. 

I have spent the majority of my life working for a small group of people. I have spent the majority of my life where my focus was on a few. When I started considering this transition I thought this must be the time when I go big. This must be the time when I reach out further. And in some ways I am, but at the same time I have realized that I am still supposed to be small. I think my personality works better that way, and my pride stays out of my way a little easier then.

I will share small ideas we can use to bless one another, take care of ourselves, and make this life a little more beautiful while we are at it. I will share ideas I have tried, those I want to try, and some which may not work for me but you will love them. I will work hard to practice what we talk about here. I will listen if you have something to share, and will pass it on if you allow me to do so. I will still share my crochet patterns, make things for those who request it, talk about all aspects of self-defense, dig into the Bible, and share my story here. I want to create a life, which overflows into this space, of giving, sharing, and loving. It wont be ginormous, but I'm hoping it will be simply beautiful.

Join me?

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