December 30, 2013

Last few words...

Take time to appreciate where you have been and how far you have come.
Remember this on the hard days.
Appreciate the moments.
Love fully.
Take the chance.
Don't let the opportunity pass you by.
Say good-bye in peace.
Don't burn bridges.
Enjoy the good right now.
Keep fighting for where you are going.
Don't give up.
Challenge yourself.
You are amazing.
You are wonderful.
You are full of joy and peace.
You are beginning.
You are starting a new day.
It is not over yet.
You are the one who can make a difference.
Thank you for being with me through this past year.
So much has changed.
It always will.
But I appreciate those who have walked with me
supported me
loved me
and continued on with me.
Thank you.
Happy New Year, my friends.
See you in 2014

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December 27, 2013

You are your choice.


Who do you want to be, friend? Sit down and figure it out. Give yourself some quiet, space, and time. Look deep, dig hard, open yourself to God and his divine guidance.

Here's the thing: You will be who you decide to be. And the same goes for me. And sometimes that is one of the scariest thoughts because it means I have to take responsibility for myself. But it's time. It's time for all of us to do just that.

You don't like who you are right now? start over.

There is a beautiful soul inside of you who wants to live free and clear and big and brave and small and right. But you have to decide to do those things, and to step out, and to follow that instinct from deep within.

You can do it. We'll do it together.

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December 26, 2013

There are no "select few".


Why do we do this to each other? This quote above set me off a little, to be honest. Yes, I run. But it was hard. And it still is some days. Why do I run? Not because I'm special, or smart, or better, or know something you don't know. No, I run because it is a choice I make.

Some things we do are not because they are easy, come naturally, or even have passion about. Some things we choose to do because it will help us in other ways, regardless of the fact we know it will be hard, tiring, and some days it will break us. But we choose to do the hard thing.

Me? I choose to run because it is something I can do with Captain, and it will improve my taekwondo and sparring.

Please know this. There are no things out in this life which only a select few can do. No, there are things out in this life we do because we choose to do. So don't think you can't do something, rather just do it.

If I can run, you can do whatever it is you need to do as well.

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December 23, 2013

Passion and interest in your own life.


I have always said I am a "jane of all trades." I have a wide variety of things I liked doing, and things that filled me with purpose. I have tried many things and some have been set down to move on to something else. For me that has been a way of life. When I would read a quote like this one from Julia Child I would think I need to settle on ONE thing and do only it... forever. I don't know if you can imagine the pressure that put on my soul, but maybe you could.

What if I chose the wrong thing? What if I got tired of doing that one thing? What if I lost my passion?

It wasn't until recently I realized that my "something" could be "some things" and that, like other things I had tried, I could let things go if they didn't work the way I thought they should. And sometimes when they work differently they are even better. I don't know...

I do agree with what Julia says. Find something you are passionate about and do it. Stay interested in it and learn more. Do it. And then do something else if your heart leads you in a different direction. That's okay. But do things, and learn things, and be passionate about things, and be interested in whatever it is your hand finds to do.

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December 20, 2013

What we do (all of us) has value.


Is it because you think it sounds humble to put others above you? Is it because you feel prideful if you assign worth to what you do? Why is it we do this? Why do we lower ourselves to the point of false humility? Are you looking for someone else to put you above them? Are you waiting for permission?

Maybe if we could just stop comparing. Maybe if we could see everything as worthy, period. Maybe if we could stop assigning good, better, and best.

I have been there, and am still there some days. I understand it's hard, because we want to do something that does matter and does make a difference. But somehow we have to start seeing that what we do matters. Period. What we do does make a difference. Period.

It's like the body of Christ. We are all different, but we are all important to the work of God.

Take this idea and move it into your heart. Know that what you do is so very valuable, and the way you do it has an art that no one can copy. Your life was set in motion when you took your first breath, and there are things set out for you to do.

What would happen if we all only did what was seen as valuable by every one else?
Nothing. Would. Be. Done.

Stop and think about it.

What if we didn't do something because we felt silly or listened to the voices that want to dismiss us.
We would come to a stand still.

Seriously. We would only exist.

The idea that is in your heart, the one that is trying to grow to become action... help it grow!
Set it in the best circumstances for it to become what it is.
And know that what you do will make a difference.
Stop comparing and finding yourself lacking, because it is a false comparison.

God has given you works to do.
He has prepared you to do them.
Don't think they don't matter, because they so do.

They so do.

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December 18, 2013

The size of what you do is always huge.

How do you define your acts or choices?
Where is the sliding scale we all fit on?
Is big always big
or only compared to what we define
as small?
Is small something tiny
or are our eyes
seeing wrong?
Where is your heart in your actions and words?
What do you do when no one sees?
When will you realize that every single thing you do
it matters.
it makes a difference.
it is important.
So take your eyes off what you think is the size
and pay more attention to how much heart you put into it.
You have been created to do good works
{always huge}
so do the works good.

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December 16, 2013

Take time by yourself to know you.

Being alone. We all have different attitudes towards this state. As an introvert I don't fight it as much as an extrovert might, but I think times of being alone are good for us all regardless of how we recharge.


Who are you? I have defined myself by my relationships most of my life. I don't wish I hadn't done that. I still do it. But who am I when I am by myself? Taking time out for myself has allowed me to see myself more clearly. It helped me see that I am a protector and defender. It has helped me tune into how God created me. It has allowed me to dismiss the negative harsh criticism that wasn't meant to help but hurt. It has allowed me to see people as children of God searching for who they are as well.

Take time occasionally to be by yourself. Block out the sounds of the world and the lies. Hear from God, and take the time to see who God created you to be. You may be surprised and you may be assured, but you will learn better who you are.

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December 13, 2013

What do they see and say? Those you allow into your life.

I have heard it said that for every one negative we hear it takes seven positives to nullify it. I don't know why it is we cling to the bad things people say. I'm not sure why harsh criticism always hits its mark while loving reminders fall to the wayside so easily, but they seem to.

I remember those things which people have said which were hurtful and negative. I remember the times when people chose to be exasperated with me, didn't understand me, and got tired of me. I dare to say we all remember those times. And this is why it is imperative to choose carefully who we allow into our lives.


Not just whose words we accept, but who we allow close enough to speak. You have the choice, and don't allow anyone to take that from you. And if you are around someone who does choose to pour negativity into your life, work hard to let it filter out. Remember that what they say has more to do with who they are, not who you are.

But choose carefully, my friend. Choose those who will pour love into you, choose those who care about you, choose those who accept your silly, choose those who will support, protect, encourage, inspire, and love you as you go through this life. Choose those who want to see the best in you, and call it out as well.

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December 11, 2013

Pour into someone else

Yesterday I talked about how we have to believe in ourselves. On the day I wrote that, promptly afterwards as I was filling my cup of coffee my day changed completely. My original plan was to write a few more posts, but instead I had things that came up here which needed my attention immediately.

You see, there was someone I dearly loved who needed to be reminded to believe in themselves. This happens. At times it is what we desperately need in order to believe in ourselves. But it's hard to hear them unless we believe. It's like this crazy circle, but we can't stop it just because it doesn't work smoothly or things get mixed up.


And so, I am challenging you to pour into someone else today. Remind someone how special they are, how talented, how beautiful, how handsome, how wonderful, how loved, and how special. Remind them they can work hard to get where they want to get. Remind them that fear has to be walked through because we all feel it. Remind them that giving up and giving in are not options that lead to a fulfilled abundant life. Remind them that you are on their side, and you will see them as God sees them until they can see themselves that way. Pour into someone because they need you.

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December 9, 2013

If you don't believe in yourself....


There are many voices out in this world. They say many different things. We believe some, and we ignore others. But the one voice that seems to speak so loud sometimes is that nagging voice of doubt which lives inside our head. Oh you know the one, don't you?

I hear it when I start a new project of any kind.
I hear it when I get ready to step into a new opportunity.
I hear it when I step into a room of new people.

Here's the thing, we can listen to that word of doubt and never step out, and if we do I can promise you the chances of us doing anything are going to be nil. At least if we start in the direction of our dreams something may end up happening on the other side. Maybe not what we envisioned. Maybe different. But something. If we never start the dream is dead where it lies, in our heart.

No one else can make us take the step. No one else can make our dreams come true. No one else can figure it out for us. We have to be the ones to start down the road ignoring doubt and seeing what comes. If you don't believe in yourself, then you will never see any dreams come true.

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December 6, 2013

Don't let fear stop you. It's a choice.


My youngest and I watched this movie, After Earth, together. It was a good movie, and I would say you could sum it up with this quote. It's not the first time I have heard this idea, however. When I did my A-Z series I learned that fear is something we make on our own, and it actually gets in the way of knowing true danger.

Whether you are walking down the street, meeting someone new, or attempting a new project if we allow fear to be the loudest thing in our brain we are making a bad choice. Fear, as the quote says, is a product of our thoughts. It is worrying about something that hasn't happened yet, and may not happen. It is doubt dragging your feet backwards. But it is a choice we make.

Please know this is hard for me to really accept as well. I have allowed fear to be the reason I have not done things in the past. I have missed out on opportunities, knowing people better, and learning experiences because I was afraid. And, oh friend, we don't have to live that way.

So, let's choose. Fear, the idea that something may happen sometime, will not rule our decisions or our lives anymore. We will choose otherwise. We will choose strength, hope, promise, and possibility. After all, the sun will come up. Just wait and see. Now, what will you do with the day?

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December 4, 2013

You don't always know the end of the path, but walk anyway.


Not everything we do will lead to a huge revelation, opportunity, or breakthrough. But here's the secret: you don't know which ones will. Yes, we have to consider carefully what we do and what we choose, but so often we throw an opportunity away for the wrong reasons. What are the right ones? Honestly, there could be many, but the one that haunts me the most is when my heart knew I should have done something but I didn't.

I firmly believe God will prepare us for things that are to come. Sometimes this scares me, and sometimes this comforts me. I'm okay with that. But most assuredly what this fact does is help me not skip out on opportunities quite so quickly.

I will be honest: there is an opportunity that has been sitting in the back of my mind for a week or more. I haven't done anything with it, and I'm trying to figure out why. Am I scared? Am I worried it wont work out? Do I think I it would just be silly? Well, we covered that already, didn't we?

So, I am determined to talk it over with Captain and see what he thinks and go from there. Maybe something will come out of it, maybe nothing will; that isn't mine to decide. But I will take the next step. It's all I can do to travel down the road.

Is there something you would like to do but haven't taken that step yet? Something calling to your heart and it wont let go of you? An art class, journaling, blogging, creating, or taking a math class at the local community college? Do it. You never know where it might lead, and at the very least you have expanded yourself further.

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December 2, 2013

Let the silly commence!

Share a video of people singing and dancing and I will watch it. When it's a large group of people it always makes me laugh with joy. When it's for a person or group of people I will cry. I will. The reason is because these people have gone out of their way to do something for someone else. Whether it is a group of strangers who happen to be nearby or a loved one they care about dearly, they stop worrying people will think they are silly, crazy, or stupid and they do something for the sheer joy of it. I love this.

I will be honest, however, I am not often this brave. I tend to stay quiet, small, in the shadows, and unseen. Not because I don't love my people dearly, but because I still worry someone will think what I do is less than. Sad, right?

So, this is what I want to remember. Sometimes being silly is a good thing. Sometimes being silly is a fun thing. But always....


I would even say I have learned that we can feel silly, but it doesn't come off that way in the end. Those videos I was talking about? They are cherished memories for those who were there at the filming. Those moments where you just don't care, more good times to recall. I have learned this from the three up there in this picture. They remind me being silly brings us power and laughter and moments to hold dear to our hearts.
So, let's be a little silly. Let's laugh and love and dance and sing and romp and cry and enjoy a moment. Let's make a memory. It doesn't have to end up on youtube. But it will end up in your heart.

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