May 20, 2013

Baby M Blanket

Yes, I did say I made two baby blankets a while back, didn't I? Well, here is the second one I made for a different little boy who has since graced this world with his presence.


It's called the Baby M Blanket and the pattern is free on the Caron website and Ravelry as well. I love Ravelry because you can see all the different color combinations chosen by previous pattern users. I have to admit the colors of my blanket are not typical baby colors, but when it's a little boy apparently you can choose colors to cheer on a local sports team.

As I followed this pattern the changes I made were to use a bigger hook, and where I changed the colors. One thing that had me frogging most of the blanket was not paying attention to which row I was on. I lost 8 entire stitches and didn't notice it for 5 rows. The second time I worked it I did a better job at paying attention to how the row should end. I also continued the shell around the edges rather than a straight single crochet edge. It seemed to fit better for me at the moment.

One side note, I used a different yarn for this, which was thinner and slippy-er. I probably wont do that again. I'm more worried about the ends staying tucked, and this may be my own error, not due to the yarn, but it is something I have learned.
I adore making blankets for people, and when they are new people all the better. 

May 6, 2013

Through any window...

I was blessed to be able to make two baby blankets last month. It seems people in our family like having babies around the same time. It happened two years ago, and again this year. All that baby goodness makes me smile and wish I could be there to love and snuggle said babies. Since I can't, due to distance, I send my love in the only way I know how. A blankie.


The first one I made was from a pattern called Through any window. She shares the pattern on her website if you want to make it. I used the regular version (not the alternate) and was really pleased with the way it came out. If you are on Ravelry you can see different versions in different colors.


When I made the blanket I strayed from the pattern, but not all on purpose. I accidentally used double crochet stitches rather than half double, but I chose to use a larger hook. The blanket was going to a warmer climate, and I thought a lighter looser version would work better. I also could not figure out the picot edging, so I simply did rounds of single crochet to frame it. I loved the way it finished and was pleased to send it to the little boy who stole his mommy and daddy and sister's heart.

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