March 7, 2016

If it had been up to only me it wouldn't have happened.

"I began taking classes at KICS in the last few months of 2011. That was a little over four years ago as we stand here, but at that time I had no idea I would be standing here one day. You would think if someone starts at white belt they would look forward to this point as a goal, but I didn’t. I started because my son had been taking classes, I was always a little curious about martial arts and self-defense, and because other students who would become dear friends asked me to join them. When I started I had no idea where the path that laid out ahead of me would lead. 

I should say, the rumors you have heard about me are true..."

This is how I began my Black Belt resume on Saturday. I had never had such peace and calm assurance before a test, and I know it was due to the prayers I had asked for from so many dear ones. I made mistakes, yes, and I didn't break that blasted cement, but I did what I needed to in order to receive my black belt, with God's help.

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