Proverbs 8&9: I am wisdom

I am 
    the voice which calls out
    standing where you can't miss me
    who the scoffer can't hear

I am
     the one who speaks truth
     more important than wealth
     who prepares the way

I am
     the one who dwells with others
     find me with prudence, knowledge, and discretion
     who gives insight and strength

I am
     the one God used during creation
     seeing it all brought to be
     who knows how it all works

I am
      the one with the true gift
      building, creating, offering
      who waits for your choice

I am
      the one who will assist
      in every choice of every day
      who expects your all in return
I am
      the one from the Lord
      bringing life and favor
      who will be found when sought

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