You don't have to be seen by all to make a difference.

I don't know which day the idea struck me. I don't know exactly when I was given an insight into my own soul. I have no idea when I realized it was something many people share. I only know that too many of us believe if we can't be the best at something, then it doesn't matter. And on the reverse side, if we are going to do something we should be the best. *Spotlight please*

You can carry a tune? Here's your recording contract.
You can string some words together well? Publish a novel.
You can play a sport? You should be the star of the team.

And we miss out. Because often "big" is suddenly the definition of success. Not doing YOUR best. But being THE best.

I would tell you I had no dreams but really they were all dreams of grandeur. And we do this to one another. We do this to our children. We do this to ourselves. Why can't we allow ourselves to enjoy doing whatever we enjoy doing without thinking there has to be an endgame?

This is what I was doing.

I enjoy talking about self-defense? Then I need to be the Revelation Wellness of safety.
I enjoy going to bootcamp? Then I need to GO TO Revelation Wellness and teach my own class.
I want to do yoga more? Let's throw in Holy Yoga while we are at it.

But the truth of it is, I am no yogi. I am no fitness instructor. And I am just small me reaching out to those few whose paths cross with mine. I am no Revelation Wellness.

Now, I know, this is oft times when we encourage one another. "Revelation Wellness didn't start out big either." "You can do it! I know you can." "Don't let go of your dreams no matter how big they seem." "God is in the business of the impossible."

And I'm not saying we should let go of dreams if we have them. But what I am saying is to look carefully and closely at our dreams. Are they really ours? Maybe this is simply something we enjoy, period. Maybe the smaller scale is the best scale for connection and reaching others?

I don't know what the future holds, but sometimes when I get too carried away trying to decide what I should do in the future I forget where I am right now. My purpose must be defined by God, not simply what I am good at or enjoy. I need to never lose sight of Today by looking out at Tomorrow. That's what I had done.

Maybe one day I will open a gym. Maybe one day I will teach self-defense to large groups of people. Maybe one day I will have my own business. But if I never do any of those things, and only continue where I am now, contentment and peace will fill my heart. And glory will be to God for all that I am allowed to do.

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  1. Thanks, Stacey. I really, REALLY needed to hear this, this morning.

    1. <3 we all probably need to be reminded of it regularly.

  2. This has been on my heart a lot lately, too, especially since watching some blog workshop stuff lately. All the gurus on how to blog better or write to reach 50,000 people etc or hone your message and use social media to blast your message to the world proponents... all that was just wearing on me and it is not something I even crave. I love my little tribe and I am content to keep it that way. I want to blog better but I don't want to "sell" me. I get this so much! Thanks for sharing it today.

    1. Yes! I get so overwhelmed with people trying to help me get thousands of followers for my blog, instagram, pinterest, etc. It's easy for me to get caught up in that, and I think that's what happened to me. I'm going to work hard to stay free of it. LOL


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