There's no equation for letting go, but there's hope.

It's safe to say, I have a hard time letting things go. Relationships, ideas, goals, bitterness, pain, hurt, love, friendship, memories: they all haunt me. Or I should say I haunt them. But the thing is, with so much of life there is definitely a time to let go. When we don't it causes even more pain, strife, confusion, and heartache. Maybe the question is when? When is the best time to let go? And of course, the answer is, "It depends."

Actually, while the point varies for each situation, the time to let something/someone go is when it is keeping you from moving forward.

I have run some relationships into the ground, burying and exhuming the connections over and over. Trying to make what is now what it once was. But life moves forward, we are not the same people we once were, and sometimes relationships just don't survive. Not because of anger or hurt necessarily. But they change as we do, and sometimes we have to let them fall aside. I know I have driven some people crazy trying to figure this out.

Goals are good and great. I realized recently the ideas I had in my heart a year ago are not the same ones I had a few weeks ago. They change as well. Letting go of a dream is not always a bad thing. Sometimes it allows you to grasp where you really need to move towards. When you hold onto something that is not yours for too long it blinds you to all that is really in front of you.

You may never forget the hurt that was caused. I don't know that we should. Sometimes what is necessary is understanding who the person is, to realize hurt is not meant. They are simply acting out of how they see the world. Sometimes it's a situation caused by circumstances which no one fully understands. The pain wasn't intentional. They are still responsible, but when they try to make amends, let them. And sometimes the hurt is caused over and over because of their need to control, confuse, and cause chaos. The situations vary, the responses need to as well.

Here we are facing 2016 in a few days. Resolutions are being created, words/phrases are being decided on, and celebrations are coming together. As I move forward what I'm realizing more than ever is my need to let go. 

It's time to release old heart connections which are no more, goals and dreams which are not mine, expectations which will never come to be, and bitterness and pain which ties me to what happened. It's time to let go, say goodbye, and move forward.

I'm still not 100% sure how to go about it, because, like I said, I'm not so good at letting go. But making the decision to do something about it must be at least half the battle.

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