Your voice is strong and needs to be heard.

I find it none too ironic that the words for this post took their time in coming to me. Too often in this life we are silent. Too silent for our own good and the good of others. But what is so important, across the board, is to find our voice and to use it.

In physical duress our voice can alert others we need help. It can keep strangers at a distance. It can set boundaries and warn others. Our voice is so important in a physical situation, and too often we are quiet because we don't want to be embarrassed or seem rude or cause problems.

When someone is coming towards you with no reason that you know of before they get into your space you need to tell them to stop. "NO! STOP RIGHT THERE!" Full volume. Let them hear you. If their motives are innocent, no harm no foul. If their motives are not so innocent you have now alerted them that you see them and others have looked in that direction as well."LET GO OF ME! NOW!" They get through the bubble and make contact with you. Keep using your voice. It is as powerful as your hands and feet, and in some magical way using your voice gives more strength and power to any strikes you need to land.

In a spiritual or emotional attack our voice has great strength. Through prayers, what we say to the evil and ourselves, and how we can encourage others who might be under duress our voice brings God's strength and power.

"We can do all things through Christ." "The Lord is our strong tower." "God will never leave you nor forsake you." "Be strong and of good courage." A spiritual or emotional attack can be debilitating. You must use your voice to fight back and fight out.

In a relationship our voice is so necessary. A true relationship is a combination of love, respect, caring, giving, taking, and learning. A real relationship is when both people are important, and each person fights more for the other than themselves. Granted, every relationship is different and not are all on equal ground, so your voice needs to be heard in each one.

"I don't like it when you do that." "Please speak to me in a kinder manner." "You need to hear what I have to say as well." "I love you." If you can't speak up in a relationship, then you have to question the relationship. If you are scared to ask for what you want, then you have to question how much the other person truly cares about you. If you quiet your own voice to stay in a relationship, what kind of relationship are you in? And just as important, how are you using your voice? Are you speaking into the relationship? Do you choose kind loving words? Use your voice, and use it right.

Our voice matters. It's importance is high in all aspects of life. If you find yourself quieting yourself, ask why? If someone else is, the why question is just as necessary. And practice using your voice in all ways before you really need to.

Be brave. Be strong. Trust yourself. Trust your voice. There are those of us out here who want to hear you, need to hear you, and are waiting to hear you. And you need to let others know where those boundaries are as well.


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