Three things every attack requires for the predator to be successful.

An attack doesn't simply just happen. Predators are just as opportunistic as the next person, and they are looking for the right opportunity that will bring them the largest measure of success. In a self-defense class I took through She-jitsu I learned three components of every attack: the predator, you, and the opportunity.

There's a video I shared on Encompass Defense's Facebook page yesterday. It's not that long and it has an unexpected ending. Check it out. It opens in a new window so come on back.

It's great right? He takes her purse, she takes his bike. Hilarious. But what I want to address are the three things in this video which allowed the situation to happen.

1 - The predator: He saw her walking as he drove by. Had he driven by before? The video doesn't show. But his motives were such that he was willing to do something illegal and gain by it.

2 - You: As she is walking down the side of the road she's on her phone. Her head doesn't look up, her steps slow down, and she is completely entranced by what she is doing.

3 - The opportunity: Because her attention is fully on her phone he knows there is an opportunity. He stops his bike and grabs her purse before she knows what is happening.

The truth is regardless of the crime these three things area must for an attack of any sort to happen. You can't change the predator. He is who he is, and while there are many types of predators your job is not to change them. You can change your behavior. You can be aware of what's going on around you, not go to dark or isolated places, and be intentional about your choices.

The goal is to not create the opportunity. The goal is to not give the predator the third thing he needs.

(( This week I also shared a video on the three types of  predators which the Outfoxxed Self-defense group created. Go check it out and like the Encompass Defense page so you don't miss other things I share! ))


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