The bottom line is neither choice is easy.

You've realized a relationship needs an overhaul. It's a wonderful moment full of hope and excitement but fear as well. Where do you go? What do you do? Exactly what needs to happen for this relationship? Generally speaking you have two choices.
  1. Try again.
  2. Quit
Both of these choices are hard, both of these choices require a lot of work and change.

I will not deny there is a time to walk away from a person. When it comes time it is a scary thing to do because it opens the door to the unknown. You have to be brave because you are opening yourself up to something new, and most of us like to know exactly what is going to happen. That's why there are times we stay struggling with a relationship long after we should; it's comfortable.

But sometimes we go to that choice too quickly. Sometimes we don't try again, not really. We say we will try again, but we simply keep doing the same thing we have always done. That's the tricky part, actually. Trying again doesn't mean doing the same old, same old. What it should mean is refocusing and working hard to make the relationship work. We have to reengage in a new manner. Trying again takes determination, perseverance, creativity, and focus.

Neither of these choices are easy. What would be easy is if we got things right straight out of the gate, but let's be honest: when does that happen? Every relationship requires us to work hard, try again, and not give up. That is the only way for relationships to live. That's life, to be quite honest.

But sometimes it is time to quit a relationship. When a person doesn't respond to you, or if the relationship is toxic. These moments are hard to admit, and they are harder to admit when you have poured a lot of work and trying again into them.

I believe the second choice is dependent on how you did the first, actually. Trying again in a relationship allows you to know when it's actually time to give up. But it's a balance. Don't give up too early. Make sure you have given it your all. Because then when you walk away you will know you did all you could do and wont regret your action. But don't wait too long. Things will just get ugly and nasty and poisonous. You'll regret that just as much.

Only God knows how much you have tried to start over. And only God knows when you should finally quit. Neither choice is easy. But here's the thing, whether you are ready to try again with everything you have, or walk away slowly releasing what was, God is with you and will work with you. 

Let God lead you in your relationships. What He knows about us is greater than we can imagine and more than we can understand. His guiding will always be best.


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