Stop lying to yourself and do something.

How many times have you heard about a horrendous situation on the news when they didn't have a person who said something like, "The world is going crazy! This type of thing doesn't happen here. I'm so surprised." Dear friends, it does and you need to know.

I have seen this comment from multiple people either on the news or from personal stories. Children nearly being kidnapped, human trafficking sweeps, home burglaries: all examples of when these words were said. Each time I was broken a little. I wanted to climb through the television, get real close to their face, and say slowly and clearly, "This does happen. It does. So what are you doing to try to make sure it doesn't happen?"

It's so much easier to pretend these things don't happen, because after all the odds are in our favor. The majority of children in this nation will not be kidnapped. The majority of women in this nation will not be attacked. The majority of teens in this nation will live a happy four years at the same high school surrounded by friends and loving family. And you find people who will support you in this line of thinking. Those of us who sound the alarm, "they" say, are simply a gonging annoying sound. We are causing hysteria, and (they say) this world is no more dangerous than it was when they were kids. We have simply become too protective (they say).

Whether it happens more than it once did or not truly doesn't matter to me. If it happens once, then it's too much. If one person is held at gun point with no defense, it's too many. If only one child or teen is kidnapped, that's not the reason to not have defenses.

Whatever the odds or statistics are, bad things do happen in this world which are horrifying, heart breaking, and simply surreal. While we want to live in a society full of peace and safety, it simply isn't. You can hear someone say, "These things just don't happen here..." nearly every day.

So my question is this: what are you doing to make sure "these things" don't happen here. Because if we simply ignore it all and pretend it doesn't happen, things just keep on going as they always have been. Are you really willing to do nothing and think you will beat the odds because of where you are?

Whether it's personal safety plans, reaching out to neighboring children to know they have a safe place to go,  or praying over the schools on a regular basis, we need to start making changes in this world. It can be a safer world, but it will never be a safe world. It's up to us though, don't count on others to stop doing evil. WE have to start finding ways to prevent evil, and combat it.

SO, what are you going to do?


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