If you cherish life you protect it from evil.

Sometimes what I come up against in regards to self-defense and Christians is the mentality we shouldn't use violence for protection. I want you to know I do understand this apparent conflict between Christ's love and the defense of ourselves. I simply no longer think it's an actual conflict.

God created you. He filled you with unique possibilities and has amazing jobs for you to do in this world while you are here. Why would you give anyone else the power to tell you your job here on earth is done? Why would you not fight just as hard physically to do God's work as you fight emotionally or spiritually? Why would you not fight an attacker whose only purpose is to bring you harm, when you would fight an illness with everything you have?

Every situation is unique and not every situation will require violence on your part to stay safe. But we must decide how we will defend against attacks. Not out of fear, anger, hurt, or vengeance. Rather we must do whatever is necessary to protect ourselves and those with us because we cherish the life which is being harmed. Whether the attack is mental, relational, spiritual, or physical we need to remember it is okay to protect ourselves and do what we need to in order to stay safe.

I believe God wants us to protect ourselves and others. He cherishes this life He gave us, and created us in His own image. How can we not cherish that life in all? But evil does not cherish life. The Devil is out to steal, kill, and destroy us in anyway he can. I believe God wants us to stand between evil and life.

If I could wrap you in bubble wrap and give you a personal guard to go with you everywhere to keep you safe, I would. But that can't happen. I want you to live free and have that abundant life God wants you to have. That is possible. I also want you to be able to protect yourself from the one who is coming to steal, kill, and destroy. Again, possible. It's a matter of us all learning different ways to protect ourselves when the need arises.

Because I cherish the life God created in you. And I want you to live safely.


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