How to keep seeing the beauty in the season

Today my plan was to run away with Captain. We were going to head to a rose garden a few hours away and spend the day among the scents and sights of beauty. Alas, the garden is closed on mondays, but I'm really glad we learned that prior to heading out. So, instead, we ran away to the Myriad Gardens right here in the area and spent a lovely morning with a multitude of plants, a few geese, and one or two butterflies. It was a lovely refreshing time which helped us refocus.

Life can be heavy sometimes, can't it? We get buried under work, housework, family stuff, church plans, friend's needs, or our own funk which can't be explained. Some days we just wonder if we can bounce up once more for a breath of air before we stay under. These are the times we must run away a little.

Obviously I don't think running away from all responsibility is a good thing. But I do think there are a variety of ways to step away from things and catch your breath. Focus on something else for a little bit which brings beauty and breath into your day. Spend time with someone else who helps you see life from a different perspective. Then when you return to your schedule it feels fresh, or at least you do.

That's what this morning was for me. It was a moment to catch my breath and come back to the equation with fresh eyes and heart.

What do you do which allows you to feel refreshed? Who do you spend time with when you need a new perspective? Because we all need to get away a little bit on a regular basis in order to refocus and refresh.

Have you read a book recently? Gone for a walk? Made some art? Taken some pictures? Talked and laughed? Whatever it is which helps you bounce back up needs to be done. And if what you once were doing isn't cutting it, try some new things out. But don't wait until you are drowning with the weight of everything that needs your attention. Don't wait until you are missing the blessings which happen in your ordinary day. It's too important.

Tell me what you did on your last break, whether it was for half a day or half an hour. I'd love to know! 

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