Things are a movin'....

It happened like this, I went to turn on my computer a few weeks ago and it simply wouldn't agree to do so. I tried to restart it by holding the power button down. Nothing changed. I left it for hours unplugged so the battery would completely die, and yet the screen showed me nothing when I plugged it back in. Finally I was able to get it to agree for a short term visitation where I scrambled to save pictures from 2015 and a few documents which would have been a pain to replace. And then, my old computer and I, we said goodbye to one another for a final time. This makes you think about clean slates and starting over.

 photo clean slate.jpg

While I have been particularly quiet here my mind has been running. I still haven't made all the decisions definitely yet, but I'm working things through, cleaning things up, and considering. If I have to rebuild should I do it the same way? If I'm redesigning, should I go all out? Should I finally heed the itch to start over with my blog?

To find out stick around. I'll let you know the answers as soon as I do.
You can find me on Facebook in the meantime. Thank you, friend.


  1. I just lost my external hard drive last week. I was devastated. FIVE years of pictures and docs. Work stuff, made me ill. I felt like someone had died. I'm looking into sending it off to a recovery Co....but it will cost $500. Makes me sick all over again!!! We just invested in Carbonite, so this won't happen again, but it's awful to lose so many projects and memories. I'm glad you were able to rescue some!!!

    1. Oh goodness gracious! I am so sorry about that loss. And yes, I do believe there is a grief process we go through when that happens. I hope you can find a cheaper way to save it. ((hugs))


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