Story affects us

Nicole Baart is an author whose work I adore. I would say I adore her, but I don't know her outside her words in books and on facebook. But she is starting a new series at her blog on Mondays called #musemondays and I have decided to join in. Maybe it's because this Monday finds me missing words. Maybe it's because her topic for this Monday hits me where I am.

I adore fiction. I love getting into the world of another person and learning about them, because I learn about myself at the same time. I am currently reading the sixth Harry Potter book, albeit slowly, and while I have entered into this world hundreds of times through the words and the movies I am savoring it once again.

I am definitely a movie girl, and there is something to be said for watching a life unfold in front of you and have it brought to a conclusion in two hours, but there is something to be said for picking up a book as well. Books have stayed with me long after movies have left, and that's possibly because I put more into them. It takes more of me to read a book than to watch a movie.

This goes along with something I have been thinking over the weekend as well. I believe I am hard to get to know. I don't give a lot of people the chance to know me, or experience my reality. I have been contemplating that idea this morning wondering why I am that way, if I've always been that way, and if it's necessarily wrong. I don't know if I have any of the answers. Well, I do know I've always been like this to a degree, but I know I have also swung the other direction and tried to become best friends too quickly as well. Both extremes can turn a person off and stop a friendship before it begins. So, what's a girl to do?

story truth

I don't know. I guess this will require a bit more of me. I have a hard time believing some days that what I have to offer, my story, is going to affect anyone. But I know that everyone who has opened up to me and allowed me into their story left me changed. So, it seems only right that God could use me in the same way. If I let Him.

Whether it's a fiction story or a memoir the truth that is inside it touches the truth that lies inside us. I hope as I learn to share more of me, that you do too. I believe with my whole heart that your story, whether a fiction one that needs to come out or your memoir which need to be shared, will affect change in all who read it. And I'm going to start believing that for myself as well.


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