As I see it...

I'm so grateful for Nicole's #musemonday because apparently it's what's keeping me writing right now. Today she shares about why it's so important to write what you write because no one is going to see the world quite like you do. Really, go read it because that sentence there did not do it justice. For me, the graphic struck me a little differently.

Sometimes I forget that not everyone sees this world the same way that I do. You see, rather than not wanting to share because everyone sees it the same, I am often shocked when people see things differently. I guess I shouldn't be at this point, but I am.

Do you do this? Do you forget that how we see the world is colored by where we came from? Do you forget that how we see other people depends on how other people have treated us? Do you forget that your heart may understand another's heart language, but still has a hard time communicating? I do. Plain and simple.

But the truth is, we all have had different starting points, paths, hurts, and baggage. We have all had different reasons to cry, laugh, exclaim, and gasp. We have different passions and directions. We have different responsibilities. We have different eyes, hearts, and lives.

Am I driving the point home too hard? Am I overstating the obvious?

really listen

As we enter into the upcoming political season let's try to remember what seems so obvious now. As we vote, campaign, and research different candidates, let's remember that we are all trying to do our best. Let's be kind to one another and allow the things we have in common to shine light on the things that are different.

Christ came to unify us, and we will never do that by pointing out how different we are. But dismissing our differences will only cause conflict as well. How do we best relate to one another? Let's try love and understanding. Let's listen and really hear. Let's take a moment to be quiet because sometimes words are only going to be the problem. Let's stand with one another, and try to understand the cries of our hearts. Let's allow God's love to flow through us.

Because nobody sees the world the way you do.
So you can bring understanding to me if you are willing.
If you are willing to understand me.
Because nobody sees the world the way I do.


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