You are awesome!

You've said it to a friend. I have. They do something we are really impressed with and we tell them they are awesome. And they are. But I started thinking about it recently. When I tested for my last belt test I had two people on Instagram tell me I was awesome. Those two people are awesome. No, they are. The things they do amaze me regularly. And that's when I realized: I'm pretty sure we are all awesome.

you are awesome

I'm not sure why we negate the brilliance that God built into each of us. Maybe we take it for granted thinking anyone can do what we can do. And maybe there's some truth to that. But there's also truth in the fact that not everyone does it. And it's awesome that you do. 

When you are you, the you God created you to be, you shine. You hit that sweet spot and think, "This is why I am here." God created things for us to do, and He created you to do certain things. When you hit those marks you are fulfilling who you are, and that is awesome.

everyone is awesome

Do you look up and watch the bird soaring on the winds?
Do you gaze at the stars as they twinkle through the night?
Do you smell the flower, and gaze into it's petals?
Do you smile when the lion roars and the wolf howls?
Do you sigh when the toddler hugs your neck?
Do you wonder at the mountains and the desserts?
Does the horizon leave you in awe, or a sunrise make you catch your breath?
Does a baby in your arms make you stare with wonder?

Do you realize that as God created all these things, and they are only being or doing what He created them to be and do. He also created you. Fearfully and wonderfully.

My friend, you are pretty awesome. Know it for a fact.


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