That scattered feeling

I'm scattered this morning. 

My brain isn't focusing; my thoughts go from one thing to the next. 
My emotions are all over the place, having looked over at shame in the past few days.
My body has ached, muscles are tight, and my activity has come to a stop.
My spirit calls out to God but silence is all I seem to get in return.

feeling scattered

There are times like these for all of us and it seems for me such a time is right now. 

It's frustrating, isn't it? I feel as if there is a fog around me and everything has been thrown out into it like a bag of marbles spilled over. I'm trying to center my thoughts, myself, and my heart. This feeling really started yesterday evening full force. Up to that point there was only one or two of the above but when all four areas hit at once it can be quite destabilizing. 

When this happens my goal is to refocus. I'll take a bit of time off in one sense, but work harder in another sense. For example, I didn't go to boot camp today, giving my body a bit of a break and keeping me home where I don't have to be as social. But I'll be working around the house and I will still run an errand or two before the day is done. I'll also spend some time purposefully doing different things which can help me feel less scattered as well.

7 things to help refocus

1 - Meditate on some scripture outside. Listen to the animals, feel the breeze, look at the colors of the sky and leaves next to one another, think of the words God has given you and let them be written on your heart.

2 - Journal or write. Get your emotions out on the paper. Write what you have been feeling, whether it makes sense or not. Don't judge your words, just release them.

3- Listen to music. 

4 - Exercise. Work up a good sweat and simply stop thinking about everything for a time period. 

5 - Make a list and work through everything one check mark at a time.

6 - Be creative. For me it can be crochet, rearranging the furniture, pulling weeds, or organizing an area. I simply need to do something physical which creates something new, or makes something better.

7 - Do something for someone else. Just stop worrying about whatever it is that you can't focus on, and focus on another person for a period of time. 

I'm sure I'll be gathered back together soon, trusting that this time is not wasted. The refocusing is important and necessary. So, I ask you, what do you do when you feel scattered?


  1. This last week really threw me back off focus in the last several days. Thank you for this right-on-time piece! :D

    1. This is why I am always glad I write. So often we all say "me too" but too often we simply stay quiet in our chaos. I'm so glad this was helpful to you also.


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