Remembering my mission.

I could walk away from this blog and still get page views every day. My Molly Poncho is a definite draw, but so are several other crochet patterns I have up. If I were about numbers I would definitely focus more on crochet, because free patterns always bring the numbers in. But that's not what my heart is about, and a book I read last week helped remind me of that. 


I read and worked through Debi Stangeland's new book, "Delicious Blogging." Thanks to her words and action steps I tweaked a few things online which I had been meaning to do, or hadn't even thought to do before. Having her words walk me through the steps of what needed to be changed were helpful, and I know more changes are coming because of the book as well. I think the greatest help she gave me for right now was remembering what my motivation for blogging is.

delicious blogging quote

When I first began blogging over a decade ago it was simply to write out my ideas and share them with whomever wanted to read them. We are still at the whim of sharing with only those who want to read our words, but my reasoning for blogging is different now than it was then. Now my heart pulls me to share information which will help us all live safely in this world in all sorts of ways.

I believe it is equally important to live safely spiritually and mentally as well as physically and relationally. I believe there are techniques we should learn which help us stay aware from danger, much less get out of it. I believe we don't always look for information until we know we need it. I believe the more we know the better off we are. I believe living aware is not the same thing as living in fear. I believe the better footing we have the less fear we manufacture. I believe our hearts, minds, body, and soul are all susceptible and must be protected. I believe God has given us wisdom and understanding to know when protection is needed. I believe many want to ignore there is a reason to live safely, and would rather live in their own little bubble until someone pops it. I believe I lived much my own life in my own bubble.

And that's why I write now. Because I don't want to pop your bubble, but I want you to pop it so that you can live life safer and help others do the same.


  1. Right there with you Sister. I've been honing my mission recently and recognizing that it's not to join the growing legion of "Blah-blah-Blah-gers" adding to the Blah-gosphere.. but to somehow be salt and light and write from there--as you say, outside the bubble. Bless you so much!!

    1. Thank you, dear. It's good to know I'm not alone. ((hugs))


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