What happens when the path to your goal gets bumpy?

I have a test this coming Saturday to go up a belt level in taekwondo. The gym we have class in, and where I do boot camp and my personal training, is closed all week because the church is having VBS and will be using that space. There is a chance of rain every day this week. And yet, what I know is I have a goal, one I have been working towards, and one I want to reach regardless of whether the stars align or not.


Do you know what I mean? Sometimes you stop and wonder what in the world is going on. Is the universe out to stop you? Is this a sign from God that you are going the wrong direction? It seems you are tripped up and turned around and flipped on your head right before you were about to get where you were wanting to be.

Granted, my belt test is a small thing in the scale of life. I don't pretend it's a be all to end all goals, but it is something I'm working towards. Or part of something even bigger that I'm working towards. And I know, if I hadn't done anything towards that goal before a week out it wouldn't matter much what I did during this week. But I also know, and this is where I am, if I do nothing for this last week before the test, it will hurt everything I have done up to this point.

Sometimes things happen. Circumstances work in a way where what you had hoped doesn't happen exactly as you had planned. That's part of life. It's not a sign that you shouldn't continue in the way you are going, but it is a sign that you have to dig a little deeper to get there.

And that's good. Truly, it is. When you have to work at a goal, and you recognize the sacrifices you make to do the work, then there is a satisfaction once you reach the point you are striving for. It also makes you look at how much you want that goal to be completed. Sometimes it's the moment when you realize you didn't want something very much and are ready to let it go; that's okay too.

So when you get to that point the questions you need to ask yourself are: what are you willing to do? how much do you want to give up for this? what steps are you willing to take for it? and what will you do if your plan goes awry?

For me, I hope to get runs in before the rain hits, work out here at home, meet with others outside the church to answer any last minute questions, and then take a day off entirely beforehand so that I'm good and ready come Saturday morning. I am thinking a fun color of polish for the toes will make things just about perfect! What color do you think I should go with?


  1. Go with the color of your next belt. ;-)

    1. Oh I would, but I'm simply going from second brown to first brown. Decisions decisions. LOL

  2. Dawn has a great idea! Of course it might matter what color the belt is :) If you want a bright happy color and your belt is a dark one you might just want to pick whatever color makes you happy. I always enjoy your posts, Stacey. They are so practical and encouraging.

    1. There's not a change in color, so I might pick something bright and happy. Or turqoise. That's my standby all the time. LOL

      Thanks Gayl!


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