SCOTUS and prayer

Something happened today which has put a fire in my gut. The SCOTUS told the states that same-sex marriage is legal. I'm not upset about the marriage issue. I'm upset because 5 people told the rest of us what we can and can't do. 5 people legislated from the bench because they think it's right. The problem is it's not their job. But what can we do? We didn't vote them in and we can't vote them out. Are we helpless in this situation?

I say no. But we've got to get together and allow that fire to spread.


Recently I joined an online group who gathers together once a month to pray against human trafficking. When I saw the opportunity I knew I had to take it. While I have not been able to participate yet, I am both scared to death and looking forward to the opportunity.

Why am I scared to death? Because prayer changes things. Prayer makes a difference, supports people, encourages people, moves the hand of God, and the devil does not like it. So, if he can keep us from praying, oh please know he will. I am scared, I will admit it. Satan has power and so fear creeps up inside my heart. BUT what I also know is that my God is so much bigger than Satan. Satan can do nothing which God wont use for good. And so as I bow my knees to pray specifically and intentionally I trust God and the armor He has given me. We are more than conquerors.

And that's why I'm looking forward to the opportunity. To know that I am coming together with others to pray over the same thing truly makes me feel stronger and connected. We all know that it is God who strengthens us, and through Him alone can we do what is impossible, and so we will gather to pray to our God in Heaven for those who are enslaved and need to be freed.

Then today happened, and I realized that if I truly believe prayer is the answer then I better start praying for this country of ours. There's not a thing I can do about SCOTUS. Well, I could complain and gripe. I could ignore it completely. Or I can pray. 

Imagine, friends. What if we brought this nation to the footstool of heaven and asked God for mercy, grace, and help? And that's when it hit me. Dense as I am, I suddenly realized there are 29-30 more days to pray intentionally and specifically.

What if we all chose to pray an hour a day for what God is calling us to pray for? Our subjects may not be the same. We may not have accountability groups as I have joined, but what if you let God hold you accountable? What if you formed a group with like-minded people? What if you shared verses and encouragement with others you knew were praying? 

Four weeks of seven days. 2-3 days left over each month. A different prayer topic for each day.

What would happen if we got serious about what we believed and truly began to pray intentionally and specifically for all sorts of things? What could happen? 


  1. Thank you for this, Stacey! We must remember that prayer is very powerful. We have access to the God of heaven, the Creator of the world. And we know He hears us. What we need more than anything is prayer and a love for people.

    1. I believe too often we fall to prayer as the last resort. I am more guilty of this than most. I'm hoping that changes, because, as you said, it is so powerful. <3

  2. Replies
    1. Ah, dear, may I be half the prayer warrior you are. <3

  3. I have the same issue. What do we vote for in our state, if SCOTUS legislates? What they did is not constitutional. It bothers me too, that now all forms of 'marriage' will be equally supported - what about two men and one woman? What about adults and children? That's what we've opened the door to. :-(

    1. I don't know. We may end up there, we may not. It's a hard, chaotic, frustrating time.


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