Moments in time

I have come back to the idea that life is made up of a multitude of moments many times over the years. No one denies this, but I wonder how often we remember it. Obviously I forget quite a bit considering how many times I have returned to it.


What I know is this past week has been filled with a variety of moments. Some personal learning, some national heartbreak, some private grief, and some shared irony. And of course, those are simply a small sampling. Taking a step back I know I have to make my decision regarding what I will do with all of these moments.

I can focus on the hate, and allow bitterness to grow in me.
I can allow the irony to turn to sarcasm and disdain.
I can give in to the grief and not come up for air again.


I can share my heartache, lessons, and laughter to make the most of the good and bad moments remembering that God can use them all for good.

Each moment.

Sometimes that's hard to believe, but that's when faith comes into play. The shield of faith which says, "I don't understand how this all works out, but I trust God to handle it, no matter what." And then when the arrows of, "This doesn't make sense.", "Why?", "Really?", and "You will never understand." come my way I can hide myself in the safety of what I know to be true despite what I don't know.

No head in the sand, but rather ducking down for my own protection for a little bit. In the cleft of the rock. Under the feathers of His wing. In the palm of His hand. Behind the shield of faith. 

And later I'll be able to come back up and share what I learned and what God did. And I hope you share with me as well.


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