5 things to consider when interacting with police officers

I feel like we are becoming what the Grinch complained about in regard to the Whos. 
Noise, noise, noise.

And yet.

We all have the freedom to speak our opinion.
We should be able to be brave enough to say what we want to say.

But is anyone really listening?

I'm afraid we are becoming a group of people who are only wanting to be heard, but we are refusing to listen. We believe our opinions are the right ones, the end. We refuse to see something from another person's perspective. We don't even want to acknowledge there is another perspective. 

And I don't want to contribute.

My opinions? What will anything be furthered by shouting them from the mountain top? 
Who I choose to believe in a story? Those who choose another do not care.
The truth? Isn't that what we all want?

But I am working hard to figure out and remember who it is I want to be. And, to be honest, I don't want to be someone who has to thrust their opinion out into the world. I want to make a difference. I want to help. My opinion wont do that. Just like no one else's opinion does that.

So, I'm struggling. I want to be brave, but maybe that's not always saying what I want to say. Maybe sometimes it's staying quiet until something of value needs to be said.

I believe the following does contain an inherit value:

When you are interacting with a police officer here are some things which you should keep in mind and will make the experience better:
1 - be respectful. This is a person who is putting their life on the line to keep our world safe. They would give their life to keep you safe, so please remember that when dealing with them.
2 - do what the police officer requests of you. If he tells you to leave, sit down, go home, stay where you are, or be quiet, do those things. He's trying to restore order, get things under control, and by not doing what he has asked you are becoming part of the problem.
3 - don't behave aggressively towards him or anyone else. He wants to keep everyone safe, and he will respond if you act like your goal is the opposite. This includes running towards him, away from him, acting like you are pulling something from your waistband, or yelling at him. He does not have the gift of future seeing or being all knowing to know you don't have a gun or you wont do anything. All they can make their decisions on are by how you behave.
4 - there is no age limit on who can be arrested or detained. I doubt I'll ever see a 5 year old in cuffs, but if they have to remove one from a situation I am sure they will do so.
5 - there is no dress requirement for being detained. They will detain you in whatever you have on, or in all the nothing you are wearing. 
And just something to think about: if you ever find yourself in a mob please be very careful. Mob think can become very dangerous and you will find yourself in a place you don't want to be. Remove yourself from that situation before it becomes unsafe. There is a difference between a mob and a group.

The majority of police officers only want to keep the peace, but I would like to remind you they are human too. They will make mistakes, their anger will flare, they will say the wrong thing, and they are capable of regretting their actions. Anything you can do to help them keep the peace is important to do. If you are inflaming the situation, then you are becoming part of the problem and possibly causing the situation to worsen. Consider that when you decide what you have the right to do.

Maybe the above is my opinion, but I think it's common sense, as well. I think it's something to consider in keeping yourself safe. I hope it is helpful for those who didn't know the best way to interact with a police officer. Not that this is the be all to end all list, but it's a great place to start.


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