Little steps towards goals.

Last Saturday I had the privilege of testing with seven other KICS students. It was an amazing day.

TWD Upper Belt Test June 2015-2
( Captain took some beautiful pictures. He's good and generous like that. )

I'm always a little nervous before a belt test, it's the way of who I am. I want to do everything perfectly, but that didn't happen this time. I'm learning to accept it, but I did realize I had to acknowledge it out loud to get to that point.

TWD Upper Belt Test June 2015-18
(One of our katas.)

It was good for me to experience a not so perfect test though. I know I know the material. I have done it before and I did it after. The rest of the class has seen me do all my katas correctly, break cement twice, and they know I know which kick is which. So the fact that I had a few stumbles in there this time didn't kill me, even if I thought it would. Who knows, maybe it will make me a little less nervous for my next test. Wait. That's for black belt. I'll be nervous.

TWD Upper Belt Test June 2015-81
(I believe my last spar. I had 16 matches total.)

Black belt. Just a little crazy, but it proves that no matter where you start you can get where you want to go. One little step at a time.

TWD Upper Belt Test June 2015-47
(yes, I'm laughing. She's the best choker ever and I knew what was coming.)

I'm not the same woman I was when I started taekwondo three and a half years ago. I'm stronger physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Not that I don't still struggle or have weaknesses, but I've grown and I know I will keep growing. To be honest, who I am now and what I did to get here would surprise the me from 10 years ago. She never saw this coming.

TWD Upper Belt Test June 2015-78
(I was exhausted. No, really.)

I think this is important to remember. We have fears about risk, doubts about steps, and worries about struggles but if we just keep moving forward there is no way we can be stopped. There may be detours, right turns, u-turns, and delays, but we have the choice to decide each time what we are going to do. I had to decide to go back to class on the third day because the second had been so hard for me. My own doing, no mistake, but it was still a decision I had to face.

TWD Upper Belt Test June 2015-90
(Mr. Boozer, our sensei, and some of the amazing instructors who help me weekly.)

Now I have to decide to do the hard work to prep for my black belt test. One step at a time, baby steps all the way, and next year at this time (if not sooner) I hope to be able to say I've reached the goal.

What is a goal you are working on?


  1. Stacey, this is great! I'm working towards my blue belt in karate and you give me inspiration. Every week I start to wonder if I'm really up to it, but then I do see progress and after class I feel rejuvenated. Anyway, thanks for your inspiration to keep on going.

    1. I do understand, because I totally have those moments. So proud of you for persevering and remembering that with Christ you can do all things! :D


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