Feeling overwhelmed?

I woke up this morning overwhelmed. It actually started to kick in last night but this morning it was fully overhead weighing me down with questions and accusations. I'm now exhausted and I've only been out of bed for two hours. We wont talk about how long I have been awake.


As I began my morning routine, I will admit freely that part of my brain simply wanted to shut down. Do the things that don't make me think. We all have a list of things like this, but we might not realize it. I might go on Facebook for a couple of hours, over the weekend I was playing a few games I hadn't played in months (like Candy Crush), or I can turn on the television, which is always a good stand by. The thing is, these things aren't inherently evil or brain stopping. But for me, on some days, they certainly are.

And brain stopping, to be honest, sounds really good some days. Especially when I am overwhelmed.

But maybe that's not the best way to deal with those feelings.

When I was on Facebook earlier, prepared to write a status bemoaning how I felt, I heard in the back of my brain, "so what are you going to DO?" After resting for a minute I heard clearly, "Be Still and Know I am God." I promptly deleted my status and came over here to write instead.

I know there are certain things I can do which bring me calm. Writing, sitting outside, watching the birds, breathing, digging into the Word, watching the leaves dance in the wind, exercising, and a few more. When I am overwhelmed it's usually because I have let something get control of me. I focus on the doubts, the questions, the fear, and that's when I feel like I don't know which way to turn or which way to go. 

Interestingly enough, I actually learned a bit about dealing with those things in preparation for my belt test last Saturday by studying the Armor of God. Keeping what I learned close to my heart and living it out is the important part now.

So, today I will let my shield of faith catch the arrows of "you didn't do well enough," "you're wishy washy and hypocritical," and "this is bigger than you can imagine." I will allow my breastplate of righteousness affirm that my righteousness is a gift I do not have to earn. I will allow God's peace to be poured into my heart. I will allow the Truth that God is God hold me together. And I will remember my sword, the Word of God, can defeat the overwhelming feeling and I can "Be still and know that {He} is God."

Not that any of that is easy, but then we're armed for war. War isn't easy, is it? But being armed sure makes all the difference. Not that all of those questions will automatically be answered, but some will fade away and I will find the answers to others. And in the meantime my focus will be on God, His peace will be in me, and my day will be less overwhelmed and more seeing what He has done.

Win win, in my book.


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