Do today over.

Sometimes we lose track of time. Sometimes we turn around and a month has gone by, a year has gone by, or just a day has gone by, and we question what happened in that time. What if we did make a difference in some way. Whether it's in our own life, in the life of another, or both? How long would it take? When would we be able to look back and know we spent our time wisely?

Choosing today

I just watched Groundhog Day. Yes, the movie with Bill Murray that is eons old. It's probably been that long since I have watched it, but I'm glad I caught it today. If you haven't seen it, the movie is about this reporter who goes through a transformation as he is literally stuck within the same day. I'm not sure what it is exactly that gets him out of the day, even after having just finished watching it a bit ago, but the transformation is what caught me the most. He turned from a jerk, to someone who cared about people, helped people, could speak different languages, and could play the piano. 

Then, I saw this video over at Jon Acuff's Facebook page. Did you go watch it? Go on, it wont take that long.

(sing jeopardy tune)

15 minutes. A day. Through the summer. Whether you go sign up at his page or not is not up to me. It could be a great inspiration or it could be a time waster as you wade through more emails. That's the great part of this whole thing. We get to do what fits us the best, but we can still find inspiration in so many places.

I dare to say Mr. Acuff is right on the mark with his idea. Start out with 15 minutes of whatever you feel needs to change. 

Where do you need to grow?
What do you want to improve on?
What do you want to learn?

A foreign language?
A new thought process?

A new attitude?

Now, what do you need to make that happen? Find books, do some research, locate a class, or simply find those 15 minutes a day to focus on whatever it is, and do it. 

Let's not let this summer slip slide away. We all have the same amount of time in a day, though different opportunities are in front of each of us. We don't get to redo the day over and over like Bill Murray's character. But we do get to continue learning and growing if we put the time in.

How will you spend your time? Me, I'm thinking I'll be digging into some more self-defense information.


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