All or nothing.

Sometimes I am way more all or nothing than I should be. After talking about the "15 minute" thing and making choices and being intentional in our lives yesterday, I have now found about 5 different 15 minute things to add to my day. Somebody stop me!

all or nothing

Truly, though, my brain says this, "It's only 15 minutes each. You know you waste at least an hour each day doing nothing type of stuff. Spend it better. Do these things instead." And I want to do these things anyway, so it's easy to add them to my list of to do's, but I worry about not doing them all, and so I frown as I look at my list of 15 minute things and wonder if I'm taking on too much.

But please! This is how my list goes: stretching, self-defense, reading, devotions, and taekwondo. But even just sitting here I have also considered: silence, writing, and focused conversation. The add ons can go forever, can't they? And let's be honest! I haven't even TOUCHED all the 15 minute things I could work on regarding my personality and every day behavior. 

Will I overwhelm myself by trying to take on too much? Will the overhaul actually work doing it all at once? See,  both questions seem valid and legitimate. It seems it could work and not work. All at the same time. All and nothing.

Of course, I already try to read daily, do devotionals (though I need a new book), practice TKD (especially with the belt test in two weeks), and write. But I don't do everything every day. And to be perfectly honest, I know I wont. SO... in my daytimer I have the different categories and my goal is to do each 15 minutes for 5 days a week. That gives me flexibility, right? But I'm still learning to be more disciplined. 

Ah gee. Am I the only one who thinks I have to take it all on today? I think I have stepped far away from Mr. Acuff's idea and created a whole new mess of my own. But it's my own normal I'm working on right? And sometimes in order for me to find it I have to go all or nothing. So, here I go.


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