You've got the power.

As I read through Ephesians today the focus that jumped out at me the most was power. God has given us great power and sometimes I don't remember that. Sometimes I think I'm trapped by my circumstances, or forced to be a certain way depending on who I am around. But the truth of the matter is we have this power to be the new creations God created us to be. Why don't I more often rely on that power to do the things I feel I should be doing?

power you have been given

God has a plan for us, but let's be honest: if we don't choose to follow His plan then we wont live it out. He wants us to choose the best life for us, and to live abundantly. He guides and directs, but He doesn't force. He will, however, use whatever happens for our good and His glory.

Ephesians tells us not to live in the old way, but to live in the new. The power God has given us will allow us to choose to do these things. It's not easy, but it's doable. So, my question for you is: what is the old way you need to stop living, and what do you need to start doing?

I think this question can be answered a thousand different ways by one person in a single day, so you may come back to this thought and answer it differently for a different aspect of your life. Don't get overwhelmed trying to answer it for everything. When you read the question something popped into your mind; something made it's way to the front of your thinking, and you know that's where you need to start right now.

Whether it's dealing with your heart, soul, mind or body we are called to serve Him in all things we do. Do you need to reconcile a relationship as much as is up to you? Do you need to start an exercise routine to help you grow stronger? Do you need to spend some more time each day in prayer and silence? Do you need to dig into some research about a topic that has been haunting your thoughts? Only you can know what God is calling you to do, and since He has called us all to different things I can't tell you what your next step should be, nor can anyone else.

What I can tell you, which I pray brings you encouragement, is that God told us He has given us the power to do these things already. He created you, and has good works for you to do, and He has given you the power you will need.

Let's agree, shall we? No more making excuses on why we can't do something. Let's start reminding each other of the power we have been given. Let's encourage one another that we can do that thing God has placed in our heart to do.


  1. Beautiful blog!! Thanks for the fun pattern as well. Look forward to reading more :)


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