We all have our somedays...

Some days I lose my focus midway through a story. I try to figure out where I was going, but generally I don't remember until much later. I'm grateful for those who laugh with me when I realize I'm lost, and those who help me remember where I was going.

Some days I walk right smack into a glass wall. The door was two steps back. I was in the gym which was overflowing with people. I'm grateful for those who check to see if I'm okay before they laugh with me.

Some days I get angry over a situation and want to be justice itself. I threaten. I exclaim. I dare. I'm grateful for those who do that with me in the safety of my kitchen where no one will really get hurt but we can laugh about the crazy people by the end of the conversation.


Some days I share a story that is small in the view of the world, but is big in my heart. I open up and share the words which haven't been spoken before. I'm grateful to those who listen and are kind and loving and give importance to my feelings and emotions without sizing them up against anything else.

Some days I'm an observer. Usually because my heart is dealing with something it can't speak of, for whatever reason. I'm grateful for those who sit and observe with me. For those who don't pry but wait and are okay if I never say a word.

Some days I get flustered in the middle of a conversation and don't know what to say. My eyes drop, or look outside, and all that is running through my mind is, "Say something!" I'm grateful for the kindness in eyes when I come back to the conversation, and the understanding of friendship.

Some days I get grumpy and moody. I'm not much fun to be around, and there are only a select few who I allow into that circle on those days. I'm grateful that select few still find it worth their time to be around me, and love me enough to be okay with me even when I growl.

Somedays two

Some days I get weepy about things others are strong about. I get frustrated with myself when I do this, but I'm so grateful for the shoulders, prayers, and kindness of others when I hit that spot.

Some days I make a mess or break something by accident in the last place I ever want to do such a thing. I'm grateful for those who help me believe it's not that big of a deal, even when others are acting just the opposite.

Some days my hurt and pain lead me more than I would admit. In those times I don't reach out very much, nor do I pay attention to anyone else. I'm grateful for those who reach in to me, and help me out of myself gently.

somedays three

We all have these days. Be grateful for those who help you through them.


  1. I loved reading this, Stacey! We all find ourselves in those kinds of situations at times. I'm thankful for people who love us unconditionally through it all. :) Blessings to you!


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