We can spend our life waiting for something. But generally, we spend smaller amounts of time waiting. Waiting for that thing to happen, inspiration to hit, desire to be fulfilled. We wait for new life, new ideas, new words, new relationships, new days. Waiting can fill up so much time.


I've been waiting. I'm not exactly sure what I've been waiting for, but a feeling of expectancy covered me, and I have felt the waiting. A corner to be turned. An idea to bloom. A direction to head. I don't even know what I'm waiting for. It's crazy how waiting can become a way of living.


If we're not careful we come to a complete stop in our waiting. We don't do anything else because of the waiting. We stall out. And sometimes we can grow despondent waiting for a specific something or for what we don't know. Our life loses its purpose waiting for what we thought would be the change to end all changes.

We all wait at different times. That's part of life. But the doing, going, continuing on while waiting is the important part. Because even in the waiting your life needs to continue. Tomorrow isn't promised to us; if we lose today in the waiting, we may have lost it all.


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