Some seasons you grow roots

I've met a variety of people through my time here on the web. Through classes, blogs, facebook, and the like, our paths have crossed and I still know many of them. I may not be their best friend, but I watch and see how they grow in their lives, and I'm often amazed at the things they do.

I have seen ezines come to life, online classes bloom, business soar, brick buildings moved into, groups gathered, and art created. And sometimes, sometimes, I have a hard time seeing what I may have done in the same time period that they used.


Some dreams are known quickly. Some dreams take years to realize. Some dreams are procrastinated. Some dreams are given up on. Some dreams never get their first foothold.

There are definitely times I feel like a failure when I compare myself to all these amazing people. I wonder about my paths and choices. Should I have done more? Should I have tried longer? Could I have moved quicker? But the truth of the matter is, it has taken me many years to flesh out my dreams. And even still I'm not sure of all the pieces that will go into it or how it will look. At this point it's a heart call. A desire of something I want to do. I'm still working it out.

While the work I have done in the same time period isn't as visible, I haven't been completely stagnate. What I have done is found a few ideas that weren't meant to be, learned there are a few things I do not want to give up, found a direction to move in, and realized an idea I want to hold on to.


These things I have been doing are similar to roots growing on a plant. Plants go through a few seasons where the leaves fall off, the flowers go away, and some plants might even look dead. But often the roots are growing deeper. Or it may just be resting, I'll admit. But both conditions are important to the growth of the leaves and flowers in the next season.

Sometimes building isn't visible. Sometimes growing happens on the inside. And that's okay. This is where we have to go back and not compare ourselves to others. We don't know how long it took them to grow their roots before they started branching out. Don't try to hurry the process for yourself. If you are where I find myself, then know the work you are doing right now is just as important as the work you will do when it's all falling together. You'll bloom in your own time.


  1. Stacey, I love this! I always enjoy reading your posts. :) Love you! xo


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