I'm going to stop waiting and start moving.

I have this ability to wrap myself up in a variety of things which will help, teach, reach, show me the way. Free things. Costly things. As much as I tell everyone else to trust that inner voice within themselves, and as often as I can do it myself, when I am trying to find my way big dream scope I want someone to help me.

Stacey's Daze: time to move

I've decided while there is nothing inherently wrong with getting help along the way, and I have a few different websites which are great resources, if you wrap yourself up in those times and don't really move forward then it is not helpful. It becomes a hindrance. 

It's not that the time I took doing the classes, or away from the blog, or reading a book were wasted. In fact, I will finish the classes, read even more books, and I just printed out 365 writing prompts for my practice writing. It's just that I need to stop waiting for some magical moment where everything will make sense, fall into place, and help me know that I am right where I should be.

Stacey's Daze: let's go

I can use all the prompts in the world, take all the classes to teach me, find all the friends who will support me, but when it comes right down to it nothing is going to change until I'm ready to start doing things. 

Maybe that's what I needed to learn the most through this Lent period. While worrying about what others have to say, while waiting for my ideas to be confirmed a thousand times, while hoping everything will be wrapped up in a pretty bow I'm wasting time. 

So, I'm releasing the idea of bows, and I'm digging deeper into the things I want to do. And we'll see where I end up in the end.


  1. These are big thoughts for a small beginning. I like them.

  2. Good post, Stacey. I'm trying to embrace the season I am in, instead of lamenting all the things I doubt about myself and/or cannot find the perfect time to do. It's hard, but necessary. And one of the great things is that I will see you again in the not-too-distant future :D


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