Wandering aisles

So, lately when I have some time to kill, no where to be, and just want to be out for a bit I head to Target. Sometimes I get some coffee from their Starbucks, sometimes I don't. I almost never buy anything, much to Captain's joy. But I wander the aisles, looking at what's for sale, the prices of different items, and I also remember.

Today this is what I saw for sale.

How did that happen? The 20th Anniversary? The 25th Anniversary? We watched these movies with the boys over and over. A friend recorded Sandlot, back when we all used VCR's, and it wasn't until we finally upgraded to DVD that we realized how much the televised version didn't include. Both movies were regulars in our days. Not like Three Amigos, or Top Gun, but we owned them and we watched them. A lot. I'm a little stunned that they are that old.

Don't get me wrong. I KNOW they are that old, but it's the celebrating of the anniversary that makes me look at it all again and wonder where the time has gone. Not that any of us would go back. Not that I'm not loving my life as is, and enjoying the boys on their own paths. No, we are all as we should be: older, wiser, and moving along. But how did my oldest get so old? And how is my youngest on his own? .

This picture was taken a week or so before oldest moved out. I still can't move past the toy section without smiling. What made me laugh out loud today was the idea of making them redo the picture when they are a little older. Not sure they would go for it, but you never know.


I'm grateful for my memories, the time to ponder them, and all of us being right where we are now. I'm proud of who they are and are becoming. Each time of our lives comes with good days and bad days. I remember the good days. I remember the lessons from the bad days. And I celebrate where we all are now. Moving forward in our own journeys, celebrating each other, and cheering each other on.

Yes, those movies are old now. I'll always be older. (heh) And the boys will always be my boys. But they are two good men these days.

And that's why I go to Target and wander the aisles.

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