Let's choose to listen to God about that spark.

AKA: Are you scared to say what it is that maybe you would consider doing because the idea puts a little spark in your step but you are scared someone will notice and blow the spark out?


This was supposed to be the book I read last week and what I said about it on Facebook. I am still moving through it at a snail's pace. Why? (I heard you, I know you asked.) Why is it my own fault that I'm not done with it? (Aside from not picking it up on a more regular basis, of course.) It's because of fear.

Here's the fact, jack. There is a part of me that wants to learn to coach people. I know what it's like to feel as if you are going through things alone, and I don't want others to have to feel that way. I want people to know they have a cheerleader, and I want to do the best I can, so I'm reading about it, which is the same things as learning, don'cha know. I'm not saying there will be a time when I am a professional coach, though please know I am playing with that idea as well, actually going to school for this goal, but right now I simply know that to be the best person I can be, to be the best friend I can be, then I need to have these tools in my belt. And I am so thankful I am learning from this awesome book.

But here's the thing.

Fear. Fear of what others will say. When someone laughs at me and tells me this is not something I should look into and I need to get off the path because it's not for me, what do I do with that little spark that is burning in my heart then? Do I let it burn out? Do I relocate my corner and just stay there. ("Nobody puts baby in a corner.")

That's the real question, right? Not if someone will belittle my spark, but what will I do when someone belittles my spark.

And that's when I fall back on my (incomplete) study of fear I did several years ago. The study I think I don't need anymore because I learned from it. The study which truly is done, at least my part of it, but apparently refreshers are a good thing.

Hezekiah (go check out the link above) had a choice to make. Did he believe the threats the Assyrians were making, or the truth God sent through Isaiah?

I have a choice. Do I believe those who would belittle and blow out my spark, or do I trust that if this is the plan and the good work God has for me to do then He will finish the work in me.

See, sometimes I mistakenly think that it's all up to me. But it's not. God put this spark in my heart, and He will help me figure out how to fan it into a fire. God has created me to be such a person who is sensitive to others, empathetic, and wants to be helpful. And He will help me find the tools to use these things in the best way. But I have to trust Him most.

So, there's the little spark that has been growing in my heart for a little bit. I'm going to finish this book this week. Not just for the 52 books in a year goal, but because there is so much within it that I need to know. And it doesn't matter if someone comes and makes threats to blow out my little spark.

And it doesn't matter if someone comes and makes threats to blow out your little spark. Trust that God has placed it there for a reason, and His words are so much more powerful than threats from some underling.

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  1. I definitely think the fear of having the spark blown out keeps us from venturing out. At least it does me. It's scary to take steps when I feel that someone is going to think I'm inadequate or not competent. Or maybe a previous experience of stepping out didn't work out, and now it's even scarier to think of risking again.I'm glad you are keeping that spark alive!

    1. Oh yes, I get it. It can be such a struggle! You keep working on your spark too!!!


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