I took the gift of reading for granted.

How is your February going? Have you been finding little things to do for others? I will admit some days are harder than others, but I always get a giggle when I am able to find things to do. Almost as much as when small things are done for me.

In my last post I had talked about how I had been procrastinating in the book I was reading. I have to admit, I never really considered it a gift that I could read. I took it for granted and didn't appreciate the ability at all. I have moved on in the book, so excited to tell you more about that, but today I simply want to talk to you about reading.

I honestly don't remember when I learned to read. I vaguely remember doing phonics cards with my mother, but my memory places us as visiting my maw maw and paw paw so I can't place the timing. But I learned along the way of growing up, and as I got older I learned to love books.

Did you know that there are 250 million women in Asia who were never given this gift? They can't read and it puts themselves and their families in harms way often. Whether in the market or on the roads, the inability to read puts them at a disadvantage. There is also no way they could read scripture, even when they want to.

I know so many want to know the why of something. Why can't these women learn? Why didn't they learn as a little girl? I believe each story would be different if told. You can see one woman's video here, but the fact is it really doesn't matter why they can't read. The fabulous part is they have the ability to learn to read.

Gospel for Asia has a literacy program for women where they teach women to read and use basic math skills, so they can provide for their families. This gift will not only open doors for safety and protection, it will also open the door to allow them to read scripture on their own. Another thing I have fully taken for granted.

If you haven't found your little thing to do for someone today, would you consider sharing to help a woman learn to read. Truly, the result will not be little, but your gift of ONE dollar teaches ONE woman to read. Please, consider giving a little to make a huge difference in the life of another.

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