An upside-down thought brought a challenge to me.

I had an epiphany, my friends. And maybe it wasn't really a new thought, because is any thought ever really new? But it was a twist on what I have been thinking and doing, and one that I thought needed to be shared with the world. Because that's what we do when we have blogs, yes?

I have been keeping track of little things over at my instagram account; a way of counting things to be grateful for. I have known some who went to 1000, but as I have said before I always fail miserably at the counting. But it seems we are all wanting to count, keep track of, pay attention to the small little things in our world that happen -- and I think it is brilliant and important.

But then the idea stood itself upside down in my head.

What if, just consider it, what if we started doing little things for others? Not to count, or keep track of, but to simply do for others? What if we intentionally chose to do something, anything, some tiny thing for someone else?

Now, before you think, "Oh that's so easy!", you need to know it can get hard sometimes. It can be a challenge. Sometimes people wont notice when we do the little things and we will start to wonder if it mattered. Or we wont hear back about the results of the little thing. Or someone will complain about the little thing, or tell us the little doesn't really matter. And our motives can get crossed, mixed up, and all confused. They can, I know. But this challenge came to me, and I knew it was something I wanted to try to do.

The challenge is simple:

feb challenge
Do one little thing a day for someone (anyone) for the rest of February.

Do not stress about trying to do all the little things you think about. Do only one a day or you will burn yourself out. Write down those fabulous ideas, share them with others, or simply wait for the perfect day to do each one.

Do not try to do little things for everyone in your life every day. That isn't the point here either. That will overwhelm you, and you will want to quit for the bad feelings which start up which obviously is not the goal.

Don't keep track of what you do for others. Don't weight it on a scale and compare it to what you did yesterday, or what someone else did.

Do listen to the nudge in your heart and gut when looking for a little thing to do. Do what you come up with as soon as you can, within the one a day rule.

Start today, with no planning, just keeping your eyes and ears and heart open. Do try to walk away from the little thing without attention to yourself. Do imagine you are being the hands, feet, mouth of God as He directs you.

I imagine this can make a huge difference in relationships, and next month I will focus on one person, but I wanted to kick this out there, with a simply challenge to do something little for someone else. Anyone else. Can you send your love out into the world in small little ways?

I'll share some ideas I have found, considered, thought of, but for now I'd love to hear what ideas just popped in your brain after simply hearing this challenge for us all.

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