That freezer.

Every time I open my freezer the ice buildup mocks me. It laughs in my face, and I scowl as I pull out the desired dish and close the door. Why is it such a helpful tool can cause such grief? However, I am going to win this one.

In about twoish days I will be opening that door to some lovely 60 degree weather. Oh, the remaining food will find a new home in the much smaller freezer compartment inside, but the ice will have no choice but to melt. Go away.

I should really google to see if there is a way to keep ice build up from happening.

Okay, that didn't take long. Some things I knew to do (let items not even be slightly warm when putting them in the freezer) other things I can't do (unless one of the boys wouldn't mind the freezer in their room... nah).

But once the ice is no longer mocking me, it will be my job to fill it once again, and apparently with quite a bit of food to help keep that ice from returning.

While I think I will do similar as I did last time to fill it, I also think I will do a few things differently. My plan?

1 - continue to cook about 2 meals a week from which I will use 2-3 casserole dishes. This will provide us with a meal that night, and one or two for the freezer.

2 - prep some freezer meals for the slow cooker. No cooking required, can freeze them in ziplock bags, and will be easy to pull out the night before to thaw. I need to look into a small crock-pot to serve just 2-3.

3 - make some meals exclusively for others, and find people to bless them with. Yeah, I like that idea.

4 - Slowly fill the freezer up as I did last time, eat out of it for 3-4 months, and then defrost again.

I guess I'll be sitting down with my recipes, Pinterest, and some paper to figure out my plan exactly. And I'm thinking a Sam's trip is in my near future as well.

To tell the truth, the fact that we have eaten almost exclusively out of the freezer for the past twoish months has been nice. I like the ease for planning the weekly meals, and the ease of making whatever it is that day. And plenty of the meals allowed me to be creative as well, so I really never felt like I was missing the kitchen. After all, I can ALWAYS go buy something fresh to make if I just can't help myself.

The ice may mock, but it will take very little to get it under control and keep the peace of the dinner schedule.

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  1. Oh, Stacey, I think ice build up in the freezer is one of the things I dislike the most. It's such a chore to take care of it. I like your ideas of making meal ahead esp. those for the crock pot. I need to look into that myself. Crock pots are great!

    1. I let the warm air do it yesterday, so today I need to bring it back down to temperature. Capt and I also decided to put some bags off ice in it to help keep it full. We'll see if that helps! LOL


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