January was full.

Emily at Chatting at the Sky invites you to share what you learned last week:

January 2015

1. We are God's beloved, and not believing this truth keeps us from not believing other truths.

2. I don't have to choose offense. Nine times out of ten what others do have NOTHING to do with me. I don't want to have to think about everyone around me when I make a decision, so why should I put that on others?

3. Some projects work out beautifully with errors and some fall apart as they are going together.

4. I can't fix everything or protect everyone. I can't fix anyone or protect anyone. Those statements are slightly different in words, but hugely difference in thought. In a really amazing way. Accepting these things frees me up to love better.

5. From sharing my Instagram #takingtimeforlittlethings I am realizing that my little things feel huge when I go to share them.

6. I can trust myself, God in me, and my intuition. It requires moving very slowly, however, so that I don't jump ahead of Him and what He is trying to tell/teach/show me. It also requires me to realize I'm wrong sometimes, when I connect dots which aren't meant to be connected.

7. Two ginormous bags of ice in the top of the freezer really helps with the frost from forming too quickly. I actually have four bags in there, but need to get rid of two of them as food moves in.

8. Stocking up on Pumpkin Creamer has made next month's coffee pumpkin-y when the stores are no longer selling said Pumpkin Creamer. That IS a little thing but {oh} I'm so glad I did it. :)

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