It's Monday

The first Monday of 2015. And routines and schedules are kicking into gear.

goalsI am on my second book of the year. Goal? 52. Using this plan.
I hope to read the Bible by the end of the year. Using this plan.
I started a 52 week study on the names of God. This one.
I began a daily devotional for the year. This one.
I found and altered a warm up to do at class, because sometimes my brain goes blank after jumping jacks.
I have my bullet journal begun for this year, with a little alteration.
I will continue to go to bootcamp three times a week.
I plan on practicing TKD everyday as well.
I have finished one crochet project and am beginning two requests today. This and This (or one similar to the second one.)

My coffee is almost gone, the sheets are almost dried, and the day began a few hours ago.

It's the first Monday of 2015, and I have great plans and goals for this year, but mostly to continue deeper where I am and release what is not needed. Those are a little more difficult to plan, yes?

I'll be interested to see what I finish, what I complete, what I let drop, and what I forget by the end of this year. But if we are to go, let us start confidently.

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