April 30, 2014

If you don't have something nice to say....

I have been recuperating from last weekend. It was a GREAT weekend, but when I do too much I simply need to crawl in a hole to rest and recuperate for a bit. It's part of my introverted tendencies, and I'm learning to work with it rather than regret pushing it. Sometimes you simply have to say "no." Or at least, I'm learning I do.

I've tried to stay offline except for a few random connection moments as well. Let me tell you, as much as I love facebook and all it's connected loveliness sometimes it makes me wince and regret going online.

I just sort of want to throw this out here into the bright big blue internet sky. It's not that I think it will be read by many, but maybe it's my way getting it off of my chest. Should I just journal this? Maybe. But I don't think it would be the same release, and so here I go.

Friends, I need you to stop and consider why you write what you write on facebook. (OR any social area for that matter.) I have SO many friends across SO many lines so this is NOT written to ONE person in particular. No, sadly we all do this. But I want us to stop and think about it. When you write a status which states your opinion what is your purpose? If it's simply to have others jump on your bandwagon and agree with you, then you are working it like a champ. If you want to make other people consider your point of view and think, you are hitting a brick wall.

I know there is a difference between an opinion piece and a persuasive piece. I know that. But even within an opinion piece, even if you were debating someone on the other side of the argument, the way y'all are going about it is horrible. The condescension, the negative talk, the personal attacks, the half statements which only the inner circle seem to get.... all horrible communication techniques.

Here's the thing, there are MANY people out in the world like myself who want to hear from different sides. We want to know what you think AND why you think it. We may not agree with you, and you may not be trying to persuade us, but if you simply condemn us then you are setting another brick on the wall between us. Not only that, there are MANY people out in the world like myself who simply cannot take the barrage of your attacks. And we will be forced to hide you. And the truth of the matter is aside from those posts we really do like you and want to know what is going on in your life.

So, friends, do me a favor. Think before you share. Don't attack while stating your opinion. Let others disagree in love. And remember that the world we live in, real or virtual, needs more understanding and openness. We need less attacks and offense.

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April 28, 2014

Are you moving forward?

IMG_20140427_064215We headed out as the sun was trying to peek through some clouds and shine on the earth. There were a few holes where the pink could shine through and we could imagine the beauty being hidden. When we got downtown we circled around, drove backwards down a street, and finally found a place to leave the car. Keep your valuables hidden though, because they are not responsible for any theft which may take place. So we took our rain gear with us.

It sprinkled off and on as we walked through the streets. I felt blind. While I could see the magnificent buildings and towering structures I had no idea where we were going. It made me giggle when we found shelter next to the Hemingway Cafe, and if you follow me on Facebook you understand why. As the rain eased we started out to the next area. Statues were hidden under trees, buildings stood guarding what they held, and people everywhere ran to escape the possible storms on their way. We felt a bit like salmon going upstream, but we had no hotel room to wait out the race delay.

IMG_20140427_070930We did find a parking garage which suited us fairly well. A place to sit and stay dry were all we required, so picky wouldn't describe us. We sang songs which got stuck in our heads, "Let's Go Fly a Kite" is still in my brain this morning. We laughed and took pictures which were blurry but felt right for portraying our morning. We heard thunder which sounded as if it came from Texas and we watched big fat drops of water fall from the sky. There was pea sized hail, and the dampness began to make our cover smell like pea as well. We were thankful when the rain came to a halt and the race was about to start.

IMG_20140427_082209We realized we were one block away from the starting line when we heard the anthem sung and the crowds cheer, so we ran up the block and stood on the corner. We watched for the one running the first leg thinking the possibility of seeing her in the sea of people was not very strong. We did see Captain America, some ballerinas, several matching t-shirts, and some costumes which defy explanation. Before we headed back to the transit station to go to our relay points our girl ran right past us. Contact was made and the run up the block seemed legitimized.

As I got on the bus which would take me to the last relay exchange I sat in the very first seat which was available, which was on the first row. I couldn't imagine working my way to the back looking everyone in the face trying to find a seat. Memories of the school bus invaded my brain, and I quietly said hello to the man in the seat next to mine. As the bus filled up the driver was told he could go, so he closed the doors and told us, "I've never been in your city before, so good luck!"

That might perk your ears, but what he said next surely did, "I'm just following instructions. I have no idea where I'm going."

There was small laughter between myself and the gentleman next to me. Comments about ending up in Amarillo after the driver had to turn the bus around for turning the wrong way, and speechlessness as he got instructions from others on the bus. I couldn't help him. I was counting on him to know where we were going. Thankfully there were others who had the information and were alert enough to share.

IMG_20140427_092648When we got to the exchange there were people sitting everywhere, for when you are running the last leg of the race you have some waiting to do. Snacks, port-a-potties, and special blankets kept everyone happy for the first few hours as we waited. Once the runners began to come through no one needed to be kept happy.

The sun had finally come out, the rain had long since stopped, and the numbers were being called for the different relay teams. The crowds cheering and waiting for their person had filled all but one lane of the four lane road. I heard our number and waited. And waited. And wondered if I heard wrong. But then I saw him, my Captain, running towards me waving an arm. I waved back as if he hadn't seen me yet. When he reached me we exchanged the relay timer, and I directed him to the food, drinks, and bus to return him back to the finish line. The finish line I was now expected to run towards.

I've been running for two years now. I tell people all the time, so stop me if you have heard this, but when I first began I couldn't run 1/12th of a mile straight. I had no endurance or distance. I have run a few 5K's since that time, and that was what I was going to run this time. But Captain got sick, and he needed the 5K so I took the 10K. I ran it at the gym to show myself I could do it, but running in the gym is so much different than running in Oklahoma outside. Now, I know I sound like I am making excuses and I very well may be, but I did keep moving and for that I am proud. Because, friends, if I can be honest here, there were a few times I wanted to sit down and cry. But four other people had already done their part and they were waiting for me to cross that finish line for them at the best possible time I could get.

So I told myself to move, one foot after the other. And I would always run down the hills because gravity was helping me. And if the wind was ever to my back I took that advantage as well. And I heard those on the side of the road cheering the marathoners on, and knew I couldn't wimp out after they had done so much more, even if we are all running our own race. And I heard one man say, "I know it hurts, dig deep." And my mind raced back to the reason we were doing the race...

We traveled to visit my family. It was our first vacation home and I was so excited. Oldest was one, and it was his first plane ride. Or maybe second. But I couldn't wait to see my parents as we unloaded the plane. Coming into the area where they stood waiting, the feeling in the airport seemed to be electric. Before the hugs were done they asked us if we knew. Of course we didn't, the airport cable doesn't put real news on their televisions. There had been a bombing, in the heartland. Oklahoma City had been hit by a terrorist bomb and people were hurt and dead. And I remember following my parents out of the airport holding my child tight.

Yes, at that point in the race I hurt, but the heart reminded me that because I could do this I had to finish. Would it change anything from the past? No. Would it bring anyone back? No. But I would be living while I could, and I would be remembering those who don't. And my mind raced to all those things I was too scared to do, to timid to begin, and to worried to achieve, and I thought to myself, "If I'm alive I need to live."

And those thoughts, along with me yelling at myself to run and keep going, is what got me closer and closer to the finish line. I could see the word at the end of the street. FINISH. No more turns. Just the straight way. And suddenly three of my team members were running with me cheering me on. Honestly, part of me wished I could have been cheering right along side them, but I needed them in that moment and they got me where we were all headed. The finish line was crossed, and we beat our goal time by 6 minutes.


I ended the day with a medal, a free hamburger, lots of memories, and a new challenge for myself. If I am allowed to live on this earth for one more day, what am I going to do in that day to show I was alive? Not that I don't have things to show already, but that is the past. Let's live the present so that we can move into the future.

Keep moving forward, friends.

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April 24, 2014


When the sun rose this morning the sky greeted it and allowed it to rule over the earth. Suddenly the clouds have come in, as if to remind the sun that its power is limited. The trees are swaying in the wind, a little droopy without the sun to lift their arms to. I'm not sure why the clouds feel they should have such power over everyone, but it almost doesn't seem fair. How do the trees, flowers, and grass beat the clouds in their game?

Maybe by being just as green and colorful as they would have been if the sun was still shining on them.

Regardless, they know time will change things. Those clouds will not be there forever and the sun will return. All the trees need to do is wait. And then it will be them giving shade to the grass and flowers from the ever oppressive sun.

Then they will watch the sky carefully for the cloud which promises relief in the form of drops of water over their leaves, blades, and petals.


Ah, the blessings turn into curses... or do the curses turn into blessings.

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April 23, 2014

The Janet Cowl

I originally made and sold this Cowl in my Etsy shop. I still love it so very much and thought I would share the pattern with those of you who might have loved the look of it as well.

blog open 2
{Pattern for flower NOT included}

Use G hook, and whatever yarn you desire. The final width and bulkiness of the cowl will be determined by yarn chosen. Yarn used in picture is Baby Bee Sweet Delight. Use a yarn needle to sew together, and weave ends in.

ch 60
Row 1: In 2nd ch from hook {sc, hdc, dc}, * skip 2 ch, in next ch {sc, hdc, dc}; repeat from * across, end with sc in last ch, ch 2, turn
Row 2: 1 dc in sc, * sk 2 st, in sc {sc, hd, dc}; repeat from * across, end with sc in last ch, ch 2, turn
Row 3: 1 dc in sc, * sk 2 st, in sc {sc, hd, dc}; repeat from * across, end with sc in tc, ch 2, turn
Repeat row 3 for pattern.

Continue until piece is approximately 31 inches long.

Finish off but leave a long tail on the last row. Using that tail join the last row to the first row, taking care to keep the pattern consistent.

Weave in ends.

If there are any questions PLEASE leave me a comment or send me an email.

All rights reserved ©2013 Stacey Daze and all content, including patterns, pictures, graphics and text are the property of Stacey Lozano. Do not sell or claim as your own work. Feel free to use this pattern for personal or commercial use.

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April 21, 2014

For this reason

I confessed it this morning, in a private group, away from public eyes. Why am I coming here now? Because I am still working through it, and this is a place I do that as well. Another friend shared this quote on Facebook today:

little things

I have waivered on and off this ideology so many times. My first and foremost priority, however, for the past near 14 years has been homeschooling and taking care of my children. The day to day duties. That comes to an end this summer. Know that, as Captain reminds me, we have raised them to get to this point. This was our goal, the reasons we made the decisions we did, and the end we were striving for. They are both at the point where we have either or are almost ready to release them to their own life.

Make no mistake, we will still encourage them, love them, support them, help them, share with them, and live life with them. We will always be a family. It will simply look different than it has up to this point. But it was for this reason that we have labored.

With that being said, I feel at a bit of a crossroads. That sounds better than "at a loss." I don't feel as if I am losing anything, but at the same time I have no idea what this next time period for me will look like. I have no idea what this season will require, expect, or bring. I feel blind. I am not mourning where I have been, but I am also not excited for where I am going. For the main reason being I have no idea where I am going.

So, I feel myself doing what I do best in times of stress. I either get clingy or grow aloof. Most times I do both. I will be aloof to those I don't know very well, and clingy to those closest to me. I try to keep things in balance and perspective, and I am learning how to let go and hold on all at the same time. Not that it's easy, but in order to put one foot in front of the next it's what I must do.

So, that quote. The ideology I step on and off again; I'm stepping back on. This time would be all too easy to grab another's dream, goal, or purpose and try to make it my own. I need to know the path God has laid out for ME. So I will do what is in front of me, continue moving forward albeit slowly, and wait for the path to be made clear. After all, I have a bit of time before I'm fully in this season, and God will prepare me for the next season in His timing. It's for this reason I am right here right now.

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April 18, 2014

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

  1. << the hymn and its history >>

  2. Helen Lemmel was born in 1863 but lived most of her life in America. She suffered many hardships, including losing her sight in midlife, which also accounted for her husband leaving her.

She was an accomplished musician teaching at the Moody Bible Institute, the Bible Institute of LA, and composing over 500 songs. The inspiration for this particular hymn came from a tract a friend handed her. She said when she heard the line within the tract it was as if the notes and words simply came to her unbidden and unplanned. It was originally published in England as a pamphlet, but soon included in a volume of her works to become a favorite hymn for many.

  1. << the hymn and me >>

  2. I will be honest with you. The morning of this writing was a heavy one for me. When I was looking through the hymnal I was looking for a hymn that gave me hope. One that I could fall back on. While it didn't come to me directly, when I saw the words on the page I remembered all the times it had.

    Some days are harder than others, and some days life seems so heavy I can't get past it. I'm aware that the original tract was to not be blinded to the best by the good, but for me I need to be blinded to the hard by the best sometimes. This song helps me remember to do it. For when the day is heavy and I have a hard day, I just remember to keep my eyes on Jesus. He will guide me, help me, and love me. It might not make the day any better, but it helps me get through it a little easier.

  3. << the hymn >>

  1. O soul, are you weary and troubled?
    No light in the darkness you see?
    There’s light for a look at the Savior,
    And life more abundant and free!
    • Chorus:
      Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
      Look full in His wonderful face,
      And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
      In the light of His glory and grace.
  2. Through death into life everlasting
    He passed, and we follow Him there;
    O’er us sin no more hath dominion—
    For more than conqu’rors we are!
  3. (Chorus)
  4. His Word shall not fail you—He promised;
    Believe Him, and all will be well:
    Then go to a world that is dying,
    His perfect salvation to tell!
  5. (Chorus)
    Words and Music by Helen Lemmel

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April 17, 2014

How Great Thou Art

<< the hymn and its history >>

In 1974 this hymn was named as one of the most popular hymns in America, but it started out as a simple and short Swedish poem. The author, Carl Boberg, was surprised one day to hear it sung by a congregation to the tune of an old Swedish folksong. The poem has been translated into many different languages, but they were all different than the song we sing today.

In 1933 Ukraine missionaries, Reverend and Mrs. Hine heard the song and fell in love with it. As they traveled in the country they were inspired to translate it into English. They returned to Britian when World War 2 broke out, wrote the fourth verse, transcribed the same folksong it began with, and had it published in English hymnals.

It wasn't, however, until Billy Graham began playing it regularly in his crusades that it became more popular.

<< the hymn and me >>

There is something powerful about this song. There is something about these words which stir my soul, and often bring a tear to my eye. It's like singing "Holy, Holy, Holy" at the throne of God. I remember singing this song so many times, but I always loved it when the music leader would slow the fourth verse down as we sang it. "When Christ shall come.... with shout of acclamation....... And take me home..... what joy shall fill my heart!" Wait for it.... "Then I shall bow...... in humble adoration," breathe, "And there proclaim..... my God how great thou art!" And then the entire congregation would sing the chorus loud and from their heart. Or that's how it always felt to me.

<< the hymn >>

O Lord my God, When I in awesome wonder,
Consider all the worlds Thy Hands have made;
I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder,
Thy power throughout the universe displayed.

Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee,
How great Thou art, How great Thou art.
Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee,
How great Thou art, How great Thou art!

When through the woods, and forest glades I wander,
And hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees.
When I look down, from lofty mountain grandeur
And see the brook, and feel the gentle breeze.


And when I think, that God, His Son not sparing;
Sent Him to die, I scarce can take it in;
That on the Cross, my burden gladly bearing,
He bled and died to take away my sin.


When Christ shall come, with shout of acclamation,
And take me home, what joy shall fill my heart.
Then I shall bow, in humble adoration,
And then proclaim: "My God, how great Thou art!"

Words by Carl Boberg

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April 16, 2014

Sweet, Sweet Spirit

<< the hymn and its history >>

The book I am using for this series only contains 150 hymns, so there will obviously be some i am familiar with that aren't in it. This is one of them. I got the history for this song here.

Doris Akers was quite a well known musician. She sang, played the piano, and wrote music. She began this path when she was a young girl writing her first piece when she was 10. Many years later when she was directing her choir group they were in prayer before the service began. Doris felt very strongly that prayer was important to what they did and to God. She had actually called her group back to prayer, and they went so renewed fervor. When she finally had to call them out of the prayer meeting in order to begin the service she hated to do it, but knew it was needed. "We have to go. I hate to leave this room and I know you hate to leave, but you know we do have to go to the service. But there is such a sweet, sweet spirit in this place."

The next day she wrote the song in its entirety.

<< the hymn and me >>

I don't know what age I was, nor which church we were attending at the time. I simply remember the practice, the routine, the song. I believe it was Sunday Nights as the service was called to a close, before we left we would all join hands and sing this song. Whenever it got to the part in the song which says, "we lift our hearts in praise" we would raise our joined hands up to the sky. I grew to love this song, and obviously had it memorized by the time we left the church.

Many years later as I rocked my boys when they were babes I had a grouping of songs I would sing to them to bring comfort. Possible to all of us. You are my Sunshine. Jesus Loves Me. Jesus Loves the Little Children. And Sweet, Sweet Spirit. I don't know if they remember the songs in that manner, for they were young, but I will cherish those moments when I sang the words looking into the eyes of my babes. I trusted that at that time, in that moment, the Spirit of the Lord was with us as well.

<< the hymn >>

There's a sweet, sweet Spirit in this place,
And I know that it's the Spirit of the Lord;
There are sweet expressions on each face,
And I know they feel the presence of the Lord.

Sweet Holy Spirit, Sweet heavenly Dove,
Stay right here with us, filling us with Your love.
And for these blessings we lift our hearts in praise;
Without a doubt we'll know that we have been revived,
When we shall leave this place.

There are blessings you cannot receive
Till you know Him in His fullness and believe;
You're the one to profit when you say,
"I am going to walk with Jesus all the way."


If you say He saved you from your sin,
Now you're weak, you're bound and cannot enter in,
You can make it right if you will yield,
You'll enjoy the Holy Spirit that we feel.

Words by Doris Akers

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April 15, 2014

I Need Thee Every Hour

<< the hymn and its history >>

Annie Sherwood was a mother of  three living in the 1850's in Brooklyn. She was encouraged in her writing, and wrote many Sunday School songs for children. In June of 1872 she wrote "I need Thee Every Hour."

"One day as a young wife and mother of 37 years of age, I was busy with my regular household tasks. Suddenly, I became so filled with the sense of nearness to the Master that, wondering how one could live without Him, either in joy or pain, these words, 'I Need Thee Every Hour,' were ushered into my mind, the thought at once taking full possession of me."

Little did she know how much the hymn would speak back to her when her husband died sixteen years later.

"It was not until long after, when the shadow fell over my way, the shadow of great loss, that I understood something of the comforting power in the words which I had been permitted to give out to others in my hour of sweet serenity and peace."

<< the hymn and me >>

The chorus is what I know the best, with it's short and sweet refrain, but the entire hymn touches my heart. There are days which are harder than others. Moments when you lose hope, get enveloped by circumstances, or forget to focus on Christ. It is these days I can appreciate praying the hours.

I remember the first time I read Phyllis Tickle. Her memoir is really quite amazing and inspiring. But her books, Divine Hours, are ones I have checked out often and wished I had. The books and this hymn go hand in hand for me.

The truth of the matter is that there is never a day we don't need God. There is never a day we don't need Jesus' presence. But there are so many days we forget we need Him. Or maybe that's just me. Taking His presence for granted and moving through the hours as if there was not any other choice is all too often done. But taking time out on a regular basis to turn my mind, thoughts, and attention intentionally back to God will keep me remembering how much I do in fact need God.

<< the hymn >>

I need Thee every hour,
Most gracious Lord;
No tender voice like Thine
Can peace afford

I need Thee, O I need Thee;
Every hour I need Thee,
O bless me now, my Savior,
I come to Thee!

I need Thee every hour,
Stay Thou near by;
Temptations lose their poer
When Thou art nigh.


I need Thee every hour,
In joy or pain;
Come quickly and abide
Or life is vain.


I need Thee every hour,
Most Holy One.
Oh, make me Thine indeed,
Thou blessed Son!

Words: Annie S. Hawks; Robert Lowry, refrain
Music: Robert Lowry

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April 14, 2014

Engulfed By Shame

Have you ever considered what it must feel like to be full engulfed in shame? My heart broke when I read the story of Saachi. To be so utterly hopeless is heartbreaking. I share this story here because there are so many who are utterly hopeless but we don't need be. On this week as we walk towards the remembrance of Christ's resurrection consider helping out and supporting women missionaries in Asia. Help them share the hope that Christ brings. They can make a difference.

Saachi slowly poured the kerosene over her body. The matchbox was sitting just inches away. The horror of what she was about to do didn’t deter her; she deserved this. Soaked through, she reached for the matches. The time had come to say goodbye.

The Picture-Perfect Family

Just a few years before, Saachi’s life seemed perfect. Her husband Udit was respected as a military officer, and his generous income from the government provided more than enough to keep their two small children secure and sheltered.

Saachi had a beautiful family, and all was going well. But lately, something had changed in her husband’s manner, and she couldn’t figure out what it was.

A Marriage Begins to Unravel

This new routine did not thrill Saachi; money Udit once gave her in abundance had slowly decreased, until he finally stopped giving her anything at all. Saachi’s previous attempts at asking had ended in painful beatings, but she had no other choice. The children were hungry, and it was Udit’s duty to provide for them. She was reduced to begging from her own husband.

As Saachi reminded Udit of the needs of their children, he grew irate and came at her, swinging his fists. As the blows landed, she cowered and tried to make sense of it all.

Then one day he disappeared. The truth finally came out that he was having an affair, and now he had moved in with the other woman. Devastated, Saachi sunk into despair. She wept bitterly, but had no one to turn to. The children were frightened without their father, and Saachi had to figure out a way to provide for them. She found a job at a garment factory, knowing that the small income would help keep them alive.

Now Deserted; Abuse Continues

Beauty isn’t normally a curse, but Saachi’s beauty brought her problems with the men at her new job. She was continually accosted and it left her with little dignity. Finally though, she accepted one man’s advances. Their love affair was short-lived as Saachi realized this would negatively affect her family. If this new man would not accept her children, what would happen to them?

Refusing to put her children at risk, she broke off the affair. As the realization hit her of what she had done, Saachi began to hate herself. She couldn’t live with the knowledge of her actions, and her thoughts condemned her. Suicide was the verdict. She did not deserve to live.

She Thought Death Would Solve Her Problems

Saachi set down the now empty kerosene bottle. In a few moments it would all be over—the guilt, the shame, the pain. She struck the match, its small flame sizzled, and before she allowed herself to change her mind, she let it drop.

As the flames enveloped her, the pain was unbearable and Saachi started to scream. The neighbors heard her cries, hurried over and rescued her. But her burns were already extensive. She was immediately taken to a hospital.

Someone Understood Saachi’s Pain

Jabeen, a Gospel for Asia-supported woman missionary, heard about Saachi and her heart ached for the poor woman. As more of the story circulated, Jabeen could understand Saachi’s pain.

Jabeen had grown up in a nominal Christian home. A few years after her wedding, she too learned that her husband had been involved in an affair. Like Saachi, she was devastated. But God led her to a pastor who shared with her about the love of Jesus. She finally made her childhood faith her own and chose to follow Christ. Later, God called her to serve Him full-time, and her life had never been the same. Jabeen knew that Saachi needed to hear her testimony.

Finding Hope in Missionary’s Story

As Jabeen stood beside Saachi’s hospital bed sharing her story, she told Saachi about Jesus and how precious her life was to Him. Saachi didn’t need to pay for her sins; Jesus already did. Saachi wept as she realized that this man, this God, would never be unfaithful to her or abuse her. He loved her perfectly.

Three weeks later, Saachi was released from the hospital and decided to go to church. There, she made a decision to fully accept the love of Jesus.

The scars from Saachi’s burns remain, but God is healing the scars on her heart. She has found a job that helps support her and her children’s needs. Her friendship with Jabeen continues, and they stay in touch. She knows that God sent Jabeen along when she needed her most.

Gospel for Asia women missionaries like Jabeen can minister in ways men can’t. Understanding the struggles of other women in Asia as they visit homes and hospitals, they are able to share the Gospel with those in need of hope.

Please help tell these women that they are precious to God.
Sponsor a Woman Missionary.

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April 3, 2014

An update:

It turns out we did fill out a survey at Home Depot. Captain reminded me of that, and I feel somewhat better. But I'm still glad I answered the way I did because

(1) they had called and hung up several times, and left some empty voice mail as well.
(2) they wanted to know when my husband and I would (and wouldn't) be home together.
(3) my gut didn't feel right about it all.

Let me tell you now where I messed up. I totally remember doing the survey once Captain reminded me. At the time I ignored the way I felt about it all. We stopped and talked to the guy because I did. Captain would have kept going. I wanted to be polite. After we talked to him he wanted us to fill out the form giving him our personal information. Captain did not go to take the paper, so I did. I did not want to be rude. I should have listened to Captain and myself at that point, rather than worrying if someone thought I was rude or not. Our safety is more important than what a stranger thinks about me. And you know what? We can say no politely as well.

I just need to practice it a little more often, apparently.

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April 2, 2014

What are you telling people over the phone?

I got a phone call today. It was the same number which had been calling and hanging up for weeks. Weeks, friends. I finally decided to answer and maybe put an end to this. I'm not certain if I am glad I answered or not.

The girl claimed to be a rep for Home Depot, and said she wanted to give us a gift card for filling out a survey. A $20 gift card. Now, friends, $20 in my hand is a lovely thing, but I don't remember filling out a survey. But I thought... maybe Captain did.

The caller went on with her monologue.

"The only condition for the gift card is that you watch a video. The Mr. and you... is there a Mr.?"

Now, she made a mistake didn't she? If I thought HE filled it out why would she be asking about that? I gave a quick "yes" and kept listening but with each word my guard kept rising. With each moment on the phone I thought there was something simply wrong with the phone call.

Would you like to know how I was supposed to receive the said gift card and watch the said video? They were going to send someone out to my house.

No. Really.

At this point I listened to my instinct and interrupted. I told her no, it's not going to happen, we are not interested.

She didn't try to convince me otherwise. She simply said thank you and hung up.

Now, I couldn't find anything about this online, and honestly I did NOT call Home Depot to find out if this was a legitimate situation or not. Even if it was legitimate I did NOT want someone coming to my house so I could view a video. That is crazy to me.

So, if you get a phone call, whether you think it is legit or not, consider the information you give out, and the feeling you have about the whole thing. Because that free gift card? SO NOT WORTH IT. Especially if it turns out to be a scam or puts my family in a dangerous situation.

I have never had a sales person hang up so quickly. That's all I'm sayin'.

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