This is what I want you to know...

Today is not the last day. Yesterday does not define who you are. Our attempts and failures do not distinguish us from others.

I know what you're thinking. "That's not fully true." I know, I'm sorry. Many people will define us by our mistakes. Many people think they know us because they know an instance in our lives. But wait...

Do you know what's most important? How you define yourself. And you have two choices.

(1) You can go with what strangers think. Those people who use a single moment to try to define all of you? You can choose a moment or two in your life and define yourself by those. You can say you are your mistakes. You can.

(2) Or you can go with what those who love you think. You can see the bigger picture. The whole picture. You can remember each mistake taught you something you wont soon forget. You can say you did the best you could at the time.

You can condemn yourself, or you can give yourself grace. It's up to you.

Why would I want you to give yourself grace?

Because it's easier to give grace to others when you do.
Because you are an amazing individual with so much to offer.
Because God gave you grace first.

merciful grace

It's your choice. And you get to choose every single day. You can either listen to the negative, condemning, critical words about yourself and believe them, or you can listen to the love filled, graceful, caring words about yourself and believe them.

Please, choose well. You will pass your choice on to others you know.

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