Remember those last minute Christmas gifts?

I know a lot of people wait until Christmas Eve to finish buying Christmas gifts. I have in the past been done with purchasing gifts by Thanksgiving. This year I am still waiting for the last of the presents to come in so that I can wrap them. Sometimes the gifts I give hit the mark and sometimes they don't.

What mark? The one where the gift is the perfect one, makes a difference, was longed for, looked forward to, and will not be forgotten. I heard on the radio yesterday that most times we don't remember what we get for Christmas. I believe that to be true.

So, do you want to give a gift that you know without a doubt would make a difference in the life of another? Maybe it would be a sewing machine for a young girl? Do you wonder why that would make the difference in her life?

Hansini had been outcast, beaten, and condemned because of her belief in Jesus. That may be hard to fully understand, but in other parts of the world this is a regular occurrence for many. She refused to do anything but stand for what Christ taught, however, and held on to the belief that He would take care of her. Then one Christmas she received a sewing machine for Christmas through her church's gift distribution program. Her life changed drastically. She was able to earn money sewing and pay her families debts and bills. Then the other villagers asked if she would teach their children how to sew as well. She teaches these not only the machine but also the love of Christ who helped her when she needed it.

Would you consider giving to the Gospel of Asia catalog and praying for the gifts that are going out? Your gift sent could be the one long prayed for.

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