Rage against the other....

Every situation is different. Each circumstance has details and specificity which only that one can claim. But it seems regardless of the situation or circumstances, our favorite thing to do is to rage against those we see on the opposite side of us. If I were to change one thing I have seen in this past year it would be that we would no longer rage against the "other."

I'm sure you know what I mean. We don't often catch ourselves doing it, but we are pretty good at spotting it in others. And because I have been there I understand the why of raging against others: we are defending ourselves. From something as benign as a marketing ad, to something as close to the heart as our religion, and all the stuff in between like our food habits, schooling choice, and where we live seem to be up for debate these days. And not just "talk it through" debate... no... we are angry. We will rage.

And I, for one, am tired. Are you?

God created

I read this article this morning about an inconvenient truth, and I think it is spot on. I think the internet allows us to hide behind a blank wall rather than say things to their face, groups keep us from individually thinking because we have the support of others, and sometimes we speak without even thinking. When we do these things it keeps us from seeing those we are raging against as real people.

Everyone has a heart story. Something has brought that person from there to where they are now. And when we understand that story, when we see them as a real person rather than an issue, when we look them in the eye and know God created them, I believe our rage dissipates.

The question is: which is more important to us? Understanding or being right?

Disclaimer: true understanding is required on both parts to fully work. If the other continues to rage it might mean they need space to work through that anger.

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  1. This is good. Thank you for the gentle reminder. These are hard times, but maybe as we listen, give grace, and show love, hearts will soften. Things will change. I believe this.

    1. I believe things can change, too. <3 Thank you, Marvia.


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