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This is my bedside table this morning. The magazine is the lovely bella Grace I mentioned before. I haven't finished reading it because I'm slowly savoring each article. Last night I read "It Only Take a Moment" by Kyeli Smith, and it finished with the quote above and the two page spread challenging readers to do something kind for the next seven days.

"There is a moment for you in every interaction - from the smallest encounter at the grocery store to the involved interactions with your lover, from the most casual to the most intimate - to bring kindness. Kindness brings connections. And connection will heal the world." ~ Kyeli Smith

I admit to trying to be kind to others, but sometimes I forget. It's not just this season either. Every day, whether during the holidays or not, can bring it's own level of hustle and stress which we can get enveloped in if we aren't careful. What we are trying to do becomes the most important and everything (and everyone) else can take a back seat.

But is that the way we really want to live?

Me either. But being kind doesn't have to mean huge extravagant exercises in giving, though I do wish it always could. I'm a giver, but must stay within the constraints of time, talents, and pocketbook. Sometimes it's the kind word spoken, the extra dozen cookies made, or the smile of assurance that another isn't alone which makes the most difference. So as we go about our every day life we can take time to reach out to someone we know or don't know and be kind. Because kindness does matter, and we can see the results when we decide to take the chance to do it.

Are you willing to take bella Grace's challenge to do something kind for the next seven days?

If you are looking for a ways to actively be kind, rather than in the flow of your day, please check my friend Jennifer Peterson out! She has a lovely ebook you can get for free titled "31 Ways to Brighten Someone's Day." Just sign up for her blog and you will receive it! How kind is she??

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