It's a dare!

Sometimes with the business of life we get distracted by all the things yelling at us. Chores which need to be done. Decorations which need to go up at this time of year. Packages which need to go out NOW! But the truth of the matter is, while all these are good and possibly even necessary things, it's also necessary that we take some time out to really notice our life around us.

And of course, what I appreciate in my life may not be what you appreciate the most in your own life. Oh, sometimes we fight over silly things like this, but the truth is we are all individuals who have unique lives and the best way to embrace our own life is to embrace the fact others have different lives than we do. And it's a good thing.

Yesterday the Brave Girls Club started a December Dare which can help us get to what we appreciate in our own lives. Yesterday's prompt was "I love this" and today's is "I appreciate this." Of course, there is a different prompt for each day, and a way to win prizes. Crazy right? So go check out Brave Girls Club December Dare. Then take time to participate! We all need to see our lives through the best perspective.

appreciate hope

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