Instagram Moments

I woke up this morning a little later than usual. The sun was up, and as I stepped out of the bathroom to quietly make my way to the rest of the house my eyes met this unexpected sight.

It was not supposed to snow, the weather men said nothing about that yesterday, so it truly was unexpected and it stopped me in my tracks and I gasped. I couldn't help myself. If I had been 2 I would have ran to the window and squealed.

Being not 2 I grabbed my phone before I ran to the window. It was a moment in my day which needed observing and remembering. Sometimes they are joyful like this, sometimes it's a moment I'm overflowing with love and gratitude, and sometimes it's a moment I realize has helped me leave the rest of the day behind.

Oh, some people use journals, and I have tried many times only to forget about them as equally often. It was actually this magazine page from bella Grace which gave me the idea. It had a calendar with little squares for us to write a moment of joy every day for 31 days. I looked at those daily squares and saw instagram pictures. Why not share and tag through instagram? Even if no one else does it I can have a visual remembrance of something every day which was worth remembering.

I don't know if I will do it for a month or all of 2015. I'll start and we'll see where I end.

I'm tagging them all with #takingtimeforlittlethings and if you would like to join me that would be awesome.

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